Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flatoutta Time

Hi! I hope everyone had a great Monday. Mine was pretty good despite the fact that I have a horrible itchy rash that I get every summer when I go into the sun!! So strange and not good considering the fact that I have a trip to the Dominican Republic coming up soon! I don't think I will be in a bikini at the beach with a red itchy rash. I have a appointment with the doc. today so lets hope he figures something out and doesn't just try to send me home with some itch cream!! My morning snack yesterday was a shake that consisted of the last of my Jay Robb Brown Rice Protein Powder :( (goodbye Mr. Sexy Hot).
In the mix was some frozen strawberries, some green apple, Strawberry Brown Rice Protein Powder, avocado, ice and water. Yum!! You can see the little flecks of strawberries, green apple skin and avocado. For lunch I had some butternut squash fries...
and a salad topped with tuna and tomatoes. Also, a leftover grilled portobello and some grilled asparagus. Very satisfying.
While I was eating, someone smelled the tuna...
and someone got a hold of my camera....
(is this thing on?)
(Mmm..moms lunch looks good)
(gosh I have a cute smile)(rock star)

After running some errands and going to the grocery I had .0002 seconds to come home and feed the little one and I and get her ready for karate. I had a flatout filled with some leftover chicken, a sausage, mustard and spinach...
After karate I went to watch my 3 nieces play their last HS softball home game of the season. Where the little one decided to collect and bring home a S*&% load of caterpillars! We made them a home in a shoe box...
One has already made a cocoon!!
I then rushed home and whipped up some quick tacos for the fam. I severed mine on a split flatout wrap...
Extra lean ground beef seasoned with this recipe, spinach, tomato, avocado and lactose free cottage cheese. YUMMO!!!
Dessert was some peanut butter with a vitatop :)...
Had a great spur of the moment workout this morning. Couldn't sleep so I just got up and went. Did whatever I wanted with no specific direction but left in an awesome sweaty mess!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I shave my legs everyday. Is that weird?


  1. Hah my confession - I RARELY shave my legs! I mean, I'm not European or anything but living in Michigan during the winter, trust me no one is going to see my legs ;)

    You need more Mr. Sexy Hot in your life!!

  2. My confession of the day: I DON'T shave my legs everyday. I guess I should start seeing as it's approaching skirt/short season!

  3. Hey I get this crazy itchy rash in the warmer months too. Have since I was about 14yrs old. I find if I wear sunblock (at least 45 SPF) it keeps it from getting too horrible. Also as much as I want to scratch the less I scratch the less of the rash appears.

    Oh and to your confession in the warmer months I shave everyday too.

  4. I am right there with you! I shave everyday. I feel better that way. I am a mind over the matter type person... shaved legs = feels sexy. Even if I am having a "not so pretty day" at least my legs are smooth. Ohh the lies we tell ourselves! =)

    Going to DR for vacation? I went last summer and it was AMAZING! Have you ever been? The water is to die for! Your rash will be the least scary thing you see on those beaches... but I'm sure it will be gone by then. Good luck at the Doc.

  5. Your morning shake looks awesome. You sure the green bits in there are apple and avacado and NOT caterpillars? hehe x

  6. I shave my legs at least every other day. Even when Bobby's on a business trip. I just like them smooth :)

  7. I never shave my legs.. well I hate to at least, but my sister is like you and loves to always have shaved legs, maybe it is because mine are so long?? I am craving tacos now after seeing your delicious flat-out ones!

  8. Haha, I'm with K - I also rarely shave! But then again, I don't have a a man in my life to look at my legs so I don't really feel any need... plus its Winter, so technically the hair is helping me keep warm :-)

    Those tacos look fabulous. As does the tuna salad. Your little girl is simply adorable. Rockstar? Definately!

  9. Tacos look so yummy!!! :)

    I tried my TJ's chicken sausage last night - the sweet italian... I had it in my scrambled eggs with some red onion and cheese in a la tortilla ;) It was YUMMY! I loved the peppers!!!

    I am going to have to try out more of their chicken sausage now!

  10. You shave everyday...really? I'm an every other day girl myself. Always feel much cleaner with freshly shaved legs.

    Loved your Flat Out tacos. So much variety in your dinners! CD and I eat the same thing every night.

    Pictures of the Little One crack me up! So cute.

    You know as soon as Sexy Hot is available next month, I'll hook you up my friend!


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