Monday, April 20, 2009

A Tribute to Kiki Baby..

One of the sweetest cats I have ever known!!!!

I had a great post planned for tonight filled with sausage reviews and recipes but that is just going to have to wait. I have shown my cats on the blog before but never talked to much about them. They are definitely not just cats they are family members. Sunshine, is the orange cat and the newest addition to our family (last July). We found him literally hours from death in our garage when we moved in our new house. Here he was the day we found him. He was so starved he was unable to walk.My husband and I are both suckers for animals and even thought we had reserves about a kitten in a brand new house we just couldn't bare to give him up. So we nursed him back to health. He quickly made friends with our other cat Kiki (aka Kiki Baby). We found Kiki (the black cat)at our old house in Arizona back in 2007. He was wondering around our back yard in 115 degree temperatures. We couldn't bare seeing him out in that weather so we brought him in and gave him tuna and water. My husband was hesitant because he has never had or really been around cats before but he has a soft heart! To make a long story short Kiki quickly became a part of our family and we couldn't bear to leave him when we moved back to Tennessee, so we drug him along on our 1700 mile trip home. Their was endless meowing and lots of potty breaks but we knew he would be happy once we got him home.He was such a sweet cat and put up with so much from the little one. She would drag him around and throw him over her shoulder and there was never so much as scratch layed on her! He always loved to cuddle!!!
My husband also became quickly attached to him as it was his very first cat.
He was an outside cat and loved to hunt. I wont go into great detail but he left us "presents" almost everyday either at the front door, back door or next to my husbands car (they had a special bond). This past Saturday morning we started to get a little worried about him because we hadn't seen him in over 24hr and he usually always stayed in during the day. Today we called and even went to Pound to see if he was brought in. When my husband got home from work we walked the neighborhood looking for him. While I was making dinner my husband went out to talk with a neighbor who broke the sad news. Kiki was ran over sometime over the weekend. We are all really sad and will miss him greatly!!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: We all show emotion differently and even thought I didn't cry when I the news was broken it doesn't mean my heart wasn't. I hate being so dramatic over a cat but I really loved him :( :(.


  1. oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!!! I would be a mess if I found out one of our cats got hurt. Our boys are VERY much a part of our family. One loves to snuggle too and is almost like a small child demanding attention. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss! I know how you feel, it sucks everytime one of my petfish dies :(

  3. oh no, i'm so sorry :( you aren't being over dramatic at all, you loved that cat and it hurts when something dies!

    you are so fab for being such an animal-lover and taking care of Kiki. he appreciated it.


  4. Oh that is heartbreaking news. I am so, so sorry. Pets truly do become part of our families, so it is perfectly normal to be feel crushed when one dies. It is wonderful that you adopted your cats, and it sounds like you gave Kiki a great life.

  5. Oh Justine! What an awful experience! I feel particularly moved by this, given what happened to my dog yesterday, and also as I know that you have been unlucky enough to lose a beloved pet one before.

    My dog is an integral part of the family unit - he means the world to all of us and I can completely understand how dear to your heart Kiki is. The pictures you post of her are simply beautiful. She has obviously had an incredibly wonderful and loving life, thanks to the kindness of you and your family.

    Everyone has different ways of expressing sadness and anyone who would call your response 'dramatic' or something along those lines is, quite frankly, an awful human being.

    Big BIG BIG (cyber) hug for you xx

  6. Oh, I am SO sorry for your loss!! The loss of a pet is so hard to deal with. I hope Kiki rests in peace!

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your loss! My thoughts are with you! A pet is so much a part of the family. I hope you week starts to look up!

  8. I am so sorry for you guys = (.. I love my cat so much so I am sure you are feeling pretty sad. = (. Take Care! Keep Blogging Girl. <3


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