Saturday, April 4, 2009

When I Get That Feeling.......

Thursday was a gloomy sort of scary day here with strong thunderstorms and tornadoes touching down around the area. After all the excitement died down my man arrived home with a little something to cheer us up.....
Hmmm...What could it be...
Gina's famous macaroons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course we sampled them right away...
The man says thank you, Gina!I am not really a huge coconut fan but these suckers were great!! We each sampled 2 just to make sure we liked them :). The little one is also a fan. She said "mmmm..Yummy!!!"

Friday, I got up and hit the gym. I didn't even realize it but I was there for almost 2 hours. I worked out extra hard because I over did it with food Thursday. Something about stormy dark weather that makes me wanna eat?? When I got home I was in a rush to get ready because me and mi madre where headed to spend the day at the Southern Women's Show. Before I left I threw some dinner in crock pot. We stopped at Publix on the way and picked up some low sodium Boars head turkey to go with the ww wraps we brought, a fruit bowl to share and a salad for each of us for lunch. We had a great time and we got to see Kate Goslen from John and Kate Plus 8....
So cute in person! We also watched some cooking demonstrations...
When we left my feet were killing me!! I could barley make it to the car. I had a great time with my mom though and it was totally worth the aching feet :). I arrived home to some perfectly cooked crock pot chicken for the BBQ chicken sandwiches I was going to throw together for dinner...
The breasts fell apart with a touch of the tongs. YUM! The recipe I used was the same as this one except with chicken and another version of this one except cooked in crock pot. This is the mans plate...I turned mine into a salad of of sorts with lots of steamed veggies and my fav low cal BBQ sauce...After dinner the man and I threw in Slumdog Millionaire, which I have been dying to see!! I took a time time out to snack on this...
Apple slices, celery, small carrot and some PB2. This time I added some vanilla stevia and cinnamon to the PB2. What a difference that made! It was really good. That you Bell Plantation!!

This morning I got up and took the first cycle class I have taken in almost a year. It went well. At one point we apparently had ET in our basket and were trying to escape from the bad guys. haha. After my cycle I hit the weights for while and came home to a quick protein shake. Gotta refuel!!!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I don't think there is really any round about way to say this but I will do my best...At the beginning of cycle this morning the seat seemed to "positioned just right". This has happened to me before and I have had to completely stop. Haha. Unfortunately Fortunately the "good feeling" didn't last long. My crotch is actually pretty sore now!


  1. Macaroons!!! I tried to replicate Gina's recipe, but hers look so much better than mine. It gives me an excuse to make more though to perfect the recipe :)

    I am so jealous you got to see Kate Gosselin!!! I used to love that show and watched it all the time.

    Have a great day!!!

  2. hahahaha omg, your confession. i know exactly what you're talking about. no need to elaborate :P

    so jealous of the macaroons!! yumyumyum!! love it.

    jealousss you got to see kate! i adore her.

  3. Baahahaha (hilarious confession!) I must say, that has never happened to me... is it wrong that I'm a little disappointed?

    Did you like Slumdog Millionaire?? I think its a brilliant film

  4. Justine, you crack me up with your confessions! I need to find my bike shorts to give to you. :)

    So glad you enjoyed the macaroons, and I can't believe you're not a coconut fan. Love the stuff myself!

    What did you think of Slumdog? I loved it - those little kid actors were amazing, and the soundtrack was great!

    I showed Chris your blog this morning - he'd like to come over for dinner. Make sure to throw some fries on the stovetop for him. :)

    Had so much fun last night. We love you and your hubby, and I'm so looking forward to some lunch and Urban Outfitters shopping next week.

    P.S. - So jealous of your Kate encounter, although I feel like they've totally sold out on the show. She's still so stinking cute though...and those kids - adorable!

  5. SO cool about Kate!! I am recently obsessed with that show. What a fun event!


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