Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wilderness Poets

Thank goodness my parents live only about 3 miles away cause that's where the little one and I went yesterday afternoon to stay the night while the mans gone away to NYC (don't worry I didn't sleep in their bed). My sweet mommy made chicken stir fry for dinner and in an attempt to use up all their fresh produce (they left for vacation this morning) I made a big ole salad for us all. Here's my plate...
All this veg left my tummy extremely full.

After dinner the kitten (still no name yet), the little one and I hung out on my moms bed watching Dancing With The Stars, and The Bachlorette while she packed. Whooo there's some fine boys on that show! Anyone see the pilot?

I woke mega early and headed over to the Y for the weight class I have been doing. I was ready to eat my right leg when I got home I made a quick bowl of oats but tried a little something different. Orange Cream Oats
They weren't actually very orange per say but the did contain fresh orange. In the mix
  • 1/2 cup oat bran
  • 2 inch chunk of banana
  • about 4 fresh orange slices
  • vanilla creme stevia
  • vanilla brown rice protein powder (Jay Robb of course)
I cooked the oats in the microwave with the banana and the orange slices. Took it out and threw it in the blender with the protein powder and vanilla stevia. YUM!!! It was almost like an orange cream popsicle. See the little orange specks...
For some reason when I get up early and do this class I am so starving the rest of the day. I don't know if its because I am getting a workout or if its just because I am up earlier? Anyway, at about 8:50 I went ahead and had my morning snack at my mom and dads. Leftover chicken stir fry straight from the fridge...
(that's leftover pork tenderloin underneath, I didn't eat that) I also had some steamed acorn squash with peanut butter and stevia to sweeten...
After eating my morning snack I left to pick up my sweet niece from her last HS exam for the summer. We are going to spend the day together since everyone else went out of town and left me :(. When I got home and checked the mail I was super surprised and excited to find this in there...
I ran inside and immediately ripped it open to check out the goods. This nice letter was enclosed...
Along with these 4 AWESOME SAMPLES....
Thank you so much to Mika, and the rest of the lovely people at Wilderness Poets!! What are you waiting for? Go check out their cool website and come back later for a review :).

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I eat the skin of my sweet potatoes and acorn squash. Is that weird?

P.S. Anyone have any suggestions for a kitten name feel free to shoot them to me!!


  1. Woohoo!! New food to try!!! Can't wait to hear the reviews!

    I know I will see you this weekend at brunch... but any time you are bored... if I'm not working, I'd love to get together and hang :) My little girl is 3... I know she'd love to have a new friend to play with, too... i think it would be fun :)

    I forgot the bachlorette was on last night and missed it! Darn!

    Have a good day, Justine! See you Sunday!

  2. mmmm awesome goodies!!!

    I want so badly to watch the bachelorette, but I won't let myself-- every season, i get sucked in and decide that i am in love with a few in them and I turn creepy and bachelorette-obsessed ahhaha. so none for me, I will have to live vicariously through you!


  3. Not weird about the skin eating. haha. You are so lucky to get such awesome samples. I can't wait to hear the reviews... and Name your kitten... Kitten. Haha. Not very creative, if it helps, my cats name is Barbara Streisand.

  4. Justine,
    You must let me know how that cacao cashew hemp spread taste as I haven't had much luck with hemp protein. :)

    Glad your mommy took care of you and Little One, and I totally eat the peels of sweet potatoes and all squashes. So, no you're not weird.

    Kitten name? I'll be thinking. :)

  5. Oooo fun samples! I love the idea of adding orange into oats - a fresh and fun twist!

  6. I have NEVER seen these before and I live in Portland. What the hell? I just went to their website to see where to find and the cashew cacao will soon be mine!

  7. Ok, how do get 'samples' from such companies? I have much to learn as a new blogger!
    Look forward to the reviews!

  8. Yum...the orange cream oats look really good! You're so creative! :)
    You are not alone in eating sqash skin...when I roast butternut squash I do it long enough so the skin looks cheetah-like (kinda brown) and eat it like that...soooo good! Probs has fiber too..?

  9. I love LOVE your orange oats. Thanks for the brilliant idea!

    I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on those samples - they looks great!

    Hmm... eating the skin of sweet potatoes and acorn squash? It may be a little weird but that's ok!


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