Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Day Late And Lots Of Dollars Short

I am referring to this post and my bank account of course. I had a super busy day yesterday and that's my excuse for a late recap and I am stickin to it!!

Thursday night I indulged in this after the little ones AI audition...
I think there may still have been a little to much peanut butter in the jar. Wait scratch that. There's never to much peanut butter!! :)

Ill spare you Fridays Breakfast (day off from gym). My morning snack was fresh apples, cinnamon and Vanilla Protein Peanut Butter....
For the peanut butter I mixed a heaping spoonful of Naturally More, a tbsp. of vanilla rice protein powder (Jay Robb of course), stevia, and a few drops of water to blend. Loved the result! After my snack I got ready and picked up my mom for shopping and lunch at a great mall about 40 miles away. We started off at Whole Foods, baby!! My salad bar concoction...
Upon request I snapped a pic of mi madres...
Of course the little then felt left out..
We shopped and shopped and shopped some more. Thankfully I didn't do to much damage. My goods...
You thought I was tired of sausage didn't you? The two bags contain oat bran and nutritional yeast (which I have no idea what to do with).

After returning home I made a quick shack and headed back over to moms to help her prepare some fresh pizza dough for dinner (all the grand kids were staying the night). Then its was back to my house to make dinner for the man and I. I made Deviled Caribbean Chicken Strips (recipe coming later). My plate..

After that we headed of to Wal-Mart to pick up some things for the kitten and then to Barnes and Noble to browse upon my request. When the man saw the Starbucks he couldn't resist his usual...
He sipped on that while I snapped some pics of some good lookin raw recipes...

After we got home at about 9:30 (technically my bed time) my bestest called to see if we wanted to go to a late movie with her and her hubs. My man was about to pass out but I took her up on the offer and wore my new shoes...
(yes, I know my feet aren't cute, in fact they are massive)

It was a super late night for me and I also slept way later than usual! Hope everyone had a great Friday!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I walked all the way out of the movie theater bathroom to the car with my dress tucked into my panties unknowingly. Thanks everyone for not telling me!!


  1. I love the idea of the protein peanut butter!! That sounds fantastic! The raw brownies sound great!

    LOVE the new kicks!!

  2. hahaha oh no, your dress tucked into the panties!! why does that always happen?! and of course no one tells you. you probably made some 14 year old boy's day!

    never thought of mixing protein in with the nut butter!! yumyumyum, youre a genius!

  3. awww i just saw the little one's AI audition ahaha she is so cute!! she would be such a divalicious performer, i love it.

    justine:"you're not done?" ahahahaha you're so funny. i'm laughing out loud. :)

  4. Your daughter is absolutley beautiful!!! I love your PB creation at your AM snack! I'm glad your bought nutritional yeast. It's a little vitamin and protein powerhouse! I put it on everything - veggies, popcorn, etc!

  5. Is that cottage cheese and peanut butter in the first pic?! Ohhh, such a good snack!

    Your new shoes are adorable and i'm glad you had such a fun day (at whole foods) !

  6. Ha ha - I'm cracking up over your confession of the day. Oh Justine, you make me smile!

    So sad I couldn't join you for your Whole Foods adventure. Blasted job! Really, who had time for work these days? Oh, and since when does Whole Foods sell shoes? :) (They're much cuter than your sausage purchases).

    I must try some Jay Robb in my almond butter soon....brilliant!

  7. Shoes and sausages - a great shopping haul.

    The chocolate brownie recipes looks awesome! I need to try that, for sure!

    Ohh... what an awful confession (as in, awful that it happened!) People suck.

  8. Such cute shoes! Gets me excited for summer!
    The nutritional yeast...hmm...isn't that the ingredient that many vegans use for faux mac and cheese? That would be yummy!


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