Sunday, May 31, 2009

Artisana Cashew Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Hi, everyone! Hope everyone has had an awesome weekend :). I have so far but its not completely over just yet.

Yesterday morning after my yummy bowl of oats that included my new Artisana Cashew Butter I hit the gym for an awesome sweat session. An episode of The Hills kept me on the elliptical for 30 whole minutes!! Then I did a modified version of Jillian Michael's circuit from her new book. Ass kicker fo sho!!

My arms were shaking so bad when I got home I went to pull a glass out of the fridge, dropped it and it shattered everywhere. I hate cleaning up glass!!! I then slipped into my bikini and headed over to my parents for a long day in the sun :).

One of the little ones friends got to come over and play. Here they are cuddling...
Later my mom and I prepared for dinner. The spread included lots of fruit, grilled corn, white and sweet potato fry mixture, steak and pork chops. Here's my plate and some of the fruit...
Grilled food isn't very pretty. Sorry.

We got home late and I tried to stay up with man but the sun really sucked it out of me and I crashed!!! Sorry babe!

I slept in this morning, cuddled my man in the bed and then got up and made a yummy bowl of oats with a new Artisana Nut Butter, Cocoa Bliss
I used the whole baby jar. hehe. It was so yummy and melty. I loved the slight flavor of coconut that came through from the coconut oil and butter. AMAZING!!! To bad I am all out :(.

A few hours later I though Id try my hand at some cookies using the Artisana Raw Cashew Butter. I really had to think because of my recent finding that I have an egg and milk allergy :(. They came out amazing!! The final product..
They are egg free and dairy free. I will call them...

Artisana Cashew Butter Oatmeal Cookies

  • 1 1/2 cups oat flour
  • 3/4 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 tsp. baking powder
  • 1/2 baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup or less of organic sugar (I used a little less than a 1/2 cup and about 10 drops vanilla stevia)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (omit if using vanilla stevia)
  • 1/2 cup banana puree
  • 1/3 cup Artisana Raw Cashew Butter
Mix wet and dry ingredients in separate bowls. Batter will be thick. If you want add a few splashes of non dairy milk but not to much.

Spoon onto sprayed cookie sheet..
I added organic dairy free chocolate chips to half the batter.

Then flatten cookies with back of spoon or fork...
Next, bake @ 375 for 6 to 8 min.

They are great straight out of the oven...
Look at the perfectly browned bottom and the gooey chocolate...
I loved the cookies and so did my nieces, nephews and my mom and dad (the man isnt here yet to taste). They said you could really taste all the ingredients. Nothing over powered. I could still taste the Raw Cashew Butter and banana. YUM!!

If you make these let me know what you think.

Thanks so much to Tristan over at Artisana for letting me sample these awesome nut butters!! I am a huge fan! I hope you like my recipe.

I am now getting ready to head out on the lake with my parents for some more fun in sun. Lots of sunscreen and shade for me today!!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I used to never wear sunscreen until I got pregnant. I played softball all my life and every summer from the time I was about 10 until about 20 and never wore it!!! I was never aware of the dangers. I would even slather on the baby oil and lay on the trampoline! Skin cancer please. Now I am much more aware and rarely go outside with out it. I hope all of you slather up with it this summer!!


  1. I disagree.. I think your grilled food looks so yummy!! And I'm super jealous of your Cocoa Bliss.. looks soo good! I need to find some Artisana stuff around here and make those cookies!!

  2. the kids are so cute in their towels!! that's one of my favorite summer positions :-)
    and your grilled food is beauteous. mouth-watering, even! not to mention the melty chocolate goo in those cookies, mmmmmmmmm. i'm in love with artisana. great recipe!

  3. Those cookies look like a major YUM!!! i'm so jelous, i'm really craving a fun day in the sun! i wear spf 95 on my face and 55 on my body.. maybe i'm exaggerating, wht spf you use? i want to tan my legs so badly :(

  4. I hate but also love having the post exercise shakes! The burn - hurts so good!!

    Those cookies? AMAZING!! I love that you used the whole baby jar in your oats!

  5. ah, those cookies look SO good! I'm so jealous of the nut butters :) I love grilled corn - not the prettiest, but it is SO good!

  6. Your summer meal looks great even if it doesn't photograph so well...I LOVE grilled corn with lots of butter! Mmmm! Ok, I'll stop salivating over here. I wanted to say that just like you I never paid attention to sun protection until I had kids of my own. Since I'm black I thought that I just didn't need sunscreen because I didn't sunburn, but I was clueless to the actual sun damage that could be done. I always make sure my daughters wear sunscreen and I even carry their hats and sunglasses everywhere. Now I blog for a company (UV Skinz) that is devoted to raising awareness about sun protection and provides a chemical-free way to protect yourself and kids from the sun.
    So, kudos to you for your confession of the day!

  7. No wayyy girl, your grilled veggies look great!! Since summer has started i've been craving corn on the cob so badly......and now after that oozing, gooey chocolate shot i'm getting a serious craving for chocolate! :)

  8. BEAUTIFUL cookies Justine! Dang that ooey gooey chocolate just looks disgustingly good! I LOVE COOKIES!
    P.S. I used to put PAM cooking spray on my skin and lay out in that. Can you believe?

  9. What amazing lookies cookies! They may be dairy and egg free, but they look nothing short of exceptional. That picture with the ooozy chocolate - total $ shot!

    Hehe... I agree with you about grilled food, it generally doesn't look pretty. But yours came up well!

    I always slip, slop, slap... I only ever fake tan. Though I loooove how a tan looks on me. It's such an excellent slender-iser. I'm glad to hear you put sunscreen on now! It's never too late to start.

  10. haha.. I meant amazing 'looking' cookies. Forgive my typo!


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