Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Coconut Butter And Last Minute Lists

Rewind to Sunday. I made a huge salad for lunch and then headed out on the lake. My niece and I....
Excuse my look, I hadn't showered and I don't think she had either.

When I got home I was worn out so I decided I would make pancakes for the little one and the man for dinner. I used this wonderful Artisana Raw Coconut Oil in the batter...
I swear it made the batter so creamy and the pancakes extra fluffy...
The little one had 7!!! They loved them and they said they couldn't really taste the coconut which is good because I don't like coconut oil to be to overpowering in a recipe.

Monday morning I did my typical and went to the gym. I was starving when I got home so I just quickly grabbed a plate of Boarshead and made a bowl of cocoa oats...
Not sure what my snack was but for lunch I tried to clean out the fridge cause the little one and I are headed out of town with my parents tomorrow and the man will not eat the produce. Here's my fridge cleaning salad...
Here's what I used up
  • all the leftover spaghetti meat from last tues. (may have been old but it tasted good) hehe
  • all the leftover sugar snap peas
  • rest of a can or black beans
  • all the tomatoes
  • all the spinach
  • all the sweet baby greens
  • last piece of grilled corn
YUM!! This salad was so good it didn't need dressing. I think I did pretty good on my mission to start cleaning out the fridge :).

Thank goodness I didn't forget karate today. The little one had a blast. Action shot...
For dinner I made Mini Turkey Meatloaves. This time I left out the tomatoes and I left the egg whites out of mine. They still turned out great. Here's my plate...
The little one felt left out..
For an after dinner snack I was again excited to try a new Artisana product. This time I used the Raw Coconut Butter...
I scooped some from the jar onto my cottage cheese. I forgot it gets hard in temps below 80 degrees. It immediately hardened..
I stirred it up and it was like eating super yum coconut chips. I really loved this stuff and crunch it gave my LFCC.

This morning I did my usual 5am class at the Y. I really wasn't feeling it this morning and I didn't push myself as hard as I normally do. I was farkin starvin the whole time I was there. All could think about the whole time was eating some more of that Artisana Coconut Butter melted on top of a big bowl of oats!!!

And that I did! Along with some Artisana Almond Butter and some bananas...
OMG!!!! I was like eating frosting. The melted Coconut Butter was amazing and I am officially obsessed. Did I mention that I don't even really like coconut? Well, I am in love with this stuff. I am going to order a jar ASAP. I could go on and on about how good this stuff is. No joke!!

The Almond Butter on the other hand.....I am not to sure about. It had a sweet taste to it that I have never tasted before in an almond butter. It was fine mixed in the oats but I went back for a better taste straight from the jar and it still had a funny sweet taste that couldn't put my finger on. It also had a weird bitter after taste. Maybe I got a bad jar? Who knows? Ill finish the jar but I will stick to my Trader Joes or Heathers homemade almond butter.

Oh yeah I also had some cottage cheese..
Well I have a busy day ahead of me. Lots of packing and preparing for tomorrow trip!!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I think having children really makes you a different person. I used to be so messy and unorganized. Now that I have had my little one I am totally turning into a list person. I cannot go to the grocery store without a list!! Also, when getting ready for trips and things I like to make lists to make sure I dont forget anything. Heres the list I made yesterday...
Please excuse my spelling. hehe So far only 1 thing down and it all has to be done by tonight!

P.S. I am hoping to still post on my trip. :)


  1. All of the Artisana creations sound fantastic!! Your cottage cheese/cinnamon bowl is making me jealous because I just ran out of cinnamon :( Sad times!

    Good luck with your to do list!!

  2. Your eats look really yummy! Coconut butter? Mmm! Have a great time on your trip!
    <3 jess

  3. Can you please make me some of those pancakes?! haha! They look sooo good, and so does everything else in this post.....good luck with completing the to-do list!

  4. Justine,
    I am already a type A total list girl. I was hoping having a kid someday would cause me to relax a bit around all of that as sometimes, I just need to be more laid back.

    I love that coconut butter too. Let me know if you do order a jar. I'll order one as well and we can split shipping costs. That would totally break my no online nut butter rule, but oh well. It's totally worth it. I have yet to hear back from the Artisana people yet.

    I'll make you homemade almond butter anytime my friend. You need to try my pecan butter. Heavenly!

    Hope you're having a good trip. I miss you!

  5. Your "clean out the fridge" lunch is awesome--I need to do more meals like that!
    Those pancakes look so fluffy and dreamy! Your little one is so lucky to have a mama that goods delicious AND healthy foods :)
    Have a safe and FUN trip!


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