Sunday, June 21, 2009

Final Installment Of The Best Vaca Evaaaaa!!!!

So really this part deserves a whole post solely dedicated to its awesomeness but I have stretched this thing out long enough! Basically we asked a groundskeeper at the resort if he could get us a fresh coconut from a tree (we heard it through the grapevine to ask the guys in green). Although they no speaka the English they do speaka the moola $ :). Wanna see how he got the coconut?
The other guy in green used his freaking machete to hack it up....

Doesn't get any fresher than that!!!

Thanks guys in green!! :)
I was so proud of my coconut I toted it around like it was my first born waiting for someone to ask "Where did you get that"? I drank all the water and later filled it up with pina coloda.

While we were in the Dominican we also met some great people who I hope to keep in touch with. One of the first nights there we meet 2 great couples. One, at the disco and one at the sports bar. We had an amazing time that night. The pics speak for themselves. This is a super sweet couple from Louisiana...( "if I weren't married.....") hahahahaha!!!! (its a joke, don't worry it wasn't me saying it)
The girl in the green and the guy in the brown are also a very sweet, fun couple from Pennsylvania...
I love this pic because I have no clue who the chic in the back is...
Those Dominicans can get a little touchy (Tracy, you know what I mean!)Oh, I cant leave out the pic of the urinal in the men's room at the disco...
Yes, you are right. That is an open mouth with teeth.

Another great couple we meet from Fl...
His wife is not pictured (obviously) but our husbands referred to us as long lost sisters. Love Her!!

Now on to the real Dominican. It was sad to see how these people live but really its all they know and they seemed to be very kind hard working people.

This seemed to be their main means of transportation...
Everyone was selling something on the road side...
This is how they sold there meat..
A bigger town in the Dominican...

A famous Catholic Church there...
They told us the history of it but honestly I wasn't listening. Opps

Here's some of the food they sold at a little market we stopped at to use the bathroom...

I had an amazing time in the Dominican and would recommend it for vacation to anyone!!! If anyone has any questions feel free to email me!!!

Now that my vaca recap is over I am excited to get back to regular posting and post some new recipes.

My 100th post is also coming up so stick around for details to enter my giveaway :)

Sorry Forgot the CONFESSION OF THE DAY: The next day after returning from vaca. reality hit HARD!! I forgot how sucky doing the dishes and everyday household stuff can be. I have been walking around in a funky mood ever since arriving home. Hopefully it will wear off soon.


  1. HAHAHA - "no speaka the English they do speaka the moola"

    DAMN STAN! Check him out! That toilet is hilarious! You and the hubs look great together!! Glad you guys had a fantastic vacation :)

    PS. To answer your comment from my blog, if I grill a wrap I use Flat Outs because they get crispy. Otherwise I use La Tortilla wraps.

  2. I love your posts Justine! Looks like a fabulous vacation! The step aerobics on the beach looks like fun - but wouldn't there be booby bounce-age problems doing it with just bathers on?

    Talking of bathers, I love the ones you are wearing with the green coconut man. Too cute! It's funny how proud you were of your coconut! I'd be toting it around quite fondly too, I imagine.

    It's pretty confronting when you see that poverty hey? I remember thinking the same thing when I visited Suva, one of the cities in Fiji. It's incredible that people live like that. Makes you appreciate your life a little more.

  3. Looks like your vaca was a lot of fun, which I'm glad it was!!
    Love that they don't speak english but they speak the moola. Haha!
    <3 jess

  4. Justine,
    What an amazing trip. Just finished getting all caught up. Your resort looked amazing - the water and beaches were beautiful. I would love to spend a week in the tropics and pay men in green uniforms to bring me fresh coconuts everyday. :)

    P.S. - You looked stunning in every shot. If I had your body, I would walk around in a bikini all year round! Seriously.

  5. nothing beats fresh cococnut! (glad you filled it with Pina Colada- recycling = good! :P )

    I am still laughing at the urinal...


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