Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Best Vaca Evaaaaaa!!!!

OK, so I have like over 200 pics and its really hard to pick some out to share. I am going to try and condense this and then link an album later.

I will start with the morning we left (June 10th). Of course I packed food for the plane. 2 sandwiches. 2 for the man and 2 for me (I actually ate 3). This was consumed some time in the airport...

Turkey on the plane...
About to land...
Artisana Coconut Butter and TJ's low sugar strawberry jelly on the bus ride to the hotel...
Ummmmm....Most amazing sandwich ever!!!!!!!!!!!

We were greeted while checking in with this...
Yum. It was the hotels signature drink called the "Majestic".

Our first night there on the beach...
Sippin a mojito baby!

Honestly the rest gets a little blurry after that. hehe. What can I say it was all inclusive and that meant alcohol!! If this is the first time reading my blog you are absolutely going to think I am alki. If you are a regular reader you know the truth :). Anyway, here's a few more of the drinks the man and I indulged in....
Cranberry Vodka

Not sure???

Pina Colada

Choco Bana

Strawberry Daiquiri

Blue Pineapple

More chocolate goodness

Sippin my fav...

There were seven restaurants in our hotel. Two if them you had to have reservations for (French and Japanese), one was a huge buffet, one was Mexican, and 3 were on the beach (steak, seafood, and a burger hot dog type joint). We ate at all of them except the Mexican. To be honest most of the food was pretty shitty and it was almost impossible to eat like I do here. It was expected though, I mean hello we were in a 3rd world/developing world country!

In pure Justine style I did manage to have oat bran and peanut butter just about every morning. Who knew the coffee pot made prefect oat bran??

Do you think my healthy breakfast cancelled out the gallons of liquor I consumed the rest of the day?

Here is some of the food I ate....

Giant seafood piaia on the beach...
This dessert happened several times and was much more ample in size a few of the times ;).

Meal at the Japanese restaurant. Sushi..
Fried veggies..
Yes, I ate fried broccoli...(had to get veg on right??)
Main meal was chicken, beef, shrimp and veggies...
The not optional shot of mamajuana at the end of the dinner...

All the food at every restaurant was pretty greasy and even the veggies were doused in oil. Ugh! Left out is the greasy hamburger and hot dog I consumed. Worth it? Still not sure.

Well that was pretty much the food and drink portion of my trip. I will be back later for more of "My Adventures In The DR".

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I got really wasted the night before leaving and seriously paid for it the next day on the plane. According to the man I had a great time though and even hung out in the hotel maintenance closet with a mop on my head. Don't ask!!!


  1. Glad you had a great time. Was expecting more beach photos than cocktail ones LOL. The cocktails did look awesome! LOVE the fact that you made oatbran in the coffee machine!! I've gotta remember that one x

  2. oatbran in the coffee machine? freakin genius!!

  3. Glad you had a fun time! That last little tidbit made me laugh out loud!
    Loved your pictures. Fries broc? Hmm, never heard of that one!
    Glad you're back!
    <3 jess

  4. I've been reading your blog for ages but never commented before and thought I should say "hello" (starting to feel like a stalker, lol)

    Looks like a great trip! I don't drink usually, but the chocolate drinks look divine! As does the giant seafood piaia (what is that exactly? sounds awesome).

    I would never have thought of making oatbran in a coffee machine- genuis!

    welcome home and I'm looking forward to more vacation pics!

  5. yaaaa for a great time! ALL of those drinks look so could you resist! :) hope your enjoying being back home!

  6. Coffee pot oat bran? That's brilliant!! Looks like you guys had a WONDERFUL time!

  7. I'm glad you are home, and I think your liver is too ;)

  8. Justine! You look adorable in these photos! I'm so glad that you had such a great trip! :) And YUM! MInt mojitos are the bestttt!!

  9. Funniest post ever! What a colourful array of drinks. Even though you're not a big drinker, you have to drink when on vacation! When in Rome...

    I am beyond impressed with your coffee pot oat bran! How did you do that? I might have to steal the idea for when I go o/s. I don't think I'll survive without my oat bran! And yes, it totally cancels out all the drinking...

    BTW, mojitos ROCK!

  10. Justine,
    How happy I am to have you back! Looks like you two had a great time. Are you detoxing this week? :)

    You crack me up - I love the coffee pot oats. Beyond brilliant my friend.

    Vegetable tempura - love it. Nothing like a fried sweet potato. It's my go-to option at Japanese restaurants since I'm not a fan of sushi.

    When are we hanging?


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