Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thank Goodness the Woman is Coming Home Today

So today the Woman comes back home from Wisconsin along with the Daughter. I am so friggin excited for multiple reasons(Get your head out of the gutter). So the Woman asked me to do a guest post in anticipation of her return. I advised her that I'm not much of a conversationist on the internet unless its about football and Im not sure her readers care about what I think about the Vols.

So what I will do is share you with my adventures of while my wife was gone and a sampling of some of the food that kept me going for the last few days. It is extremely boring in this house when the only noise is my finger hitting the remote control button over and over in the evening. My activities were pretty limited and consisted mostly of one of these 2 things:

Night #1 this is all I had going for me. I was kinda sulking because I was by myself and all of my friends are married and can't just come over on a random Wednesday and toss a few brews back.

Thank the lord that my wife was sweet enough that she made a family for 12 size lasagna and macaroni before she left. She obviously knew I would eat cereal every meal while she was gone if she didn't make something. So Im not sure my pictures look as professional as hers but here it goes.
I so completely forgot to take a picture before I took a chunk out of it. So sorry Woman. She gets so frustrated if she forgets to take the picture before a bite is taken.

I don't know If the Woman has told you guys or not but Lasagna and Macaroni are my two favorite foods. How is awesome is she? But this was not everything that I ate. When my wife is not around I gravitate to whatever food is easy enough to find without really having to look. So after I had a healthy serving of the aboves I went ahead and had this entire container of Pringles.

Again the Woman picked out my favorite flavor of Pringles. She's batting 100% thus far. Well after I completed this container on night #1 I still wasn't done. The next item on the list I had been planning the day around. I have a very very soft spot for ice cream.
Blue Bell Ice Cream is by far the best ice cream ever invented. If you haven't tried it please drop what you are doing, quit reading this, and drive/run as fast as you can to the store and buy some. DE-LISH. Yes, thats right, I had 2 bowls of ice cream. F@$% its amazing. So basically my last 6-7 meals have been lasagna and macaroni. Ill be having my last serving at lunch today and it will be gone. My Woman will be home just in time to help me figure out what I need to eat for dinner. Im betting she is going to point me towards a grilled cheese.

I did eat out one time. I played golf friday afternoon with a friend and afterwards we went and had some wings at Hooters. Yes we go there for the food people. Have you guys seen my wife?

I rounded out the weekend mowing the yard, trying to put our daughter's trampoline back together, and washing my Jeep. The Woman's father ordered the wrong parts for the trampoline, that took 4 months to get here, soooooooooooooooo back to square one. Here is a picture of my Jeep. No its not for sale before you see the picture and ask. You may be able to go for a ride but you would have to work that out with the Woman.
So like I said at the beginning of this blog, Thank goodness the Woman is coming home today. We are going to the Dominican Republic on Wednesday and I CANT FREAKING WAIT! Hope this was somewhat interesting and I hope the Woman approves. If not this could be my last posting. :) I guess I have to do a Confession of the Day now. edit: It took me 20 minutes to come up with a confession.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I am the light and electricity nazi in our house. I can't stand it when lights are left on anywhere and I am always constantly adjusting the thermostats in the house, we have 3. I leave the bonus room off all day since noone is up here and turn it back on when I get home. Its usually around 90 degrees up here by 5pm. Even while I'm typing I'm now looking around wondering If I left something on. I'm really not OCD on anything but this is has got to be borderline.


  1. Hahaha love the guest post :)

  2. Haha i like this. You definitely have "manly" tastes and just like a guy you posted a picture of a car. Love it !!

  3. Fabulous guest post. The Woman was very sweet to stock the kitchen with all your favorite foods, and yes, she is definitely a perfect 10!

    I want to come over and eat Blue Bell and then go for a ride in your Jeep. I'll talk to The Woman about it. :)

    Enjoy your dinner tonight.

  4. HAHA! Best guest post ever!

    I wish I had a guys metabolism! Mac and cheese? Yes, please! I'm so excited for you guys to go on vaca Wednesday! That sounds awesome!

  5. what a great post! I'm sure Justine is glad to be home to take care of you again.. a whole container of Pringles? sounds just like my guys would fall apart without us!


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