Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Alive!!!!

and I've got pictures to prove it!!! Here's a recap of the little ones actual 4th birthday, Wednesday, May 6th. The man came home early from work and we went ahead and gave the little one her "BIG" present. A used new bike.
I know she digs the pink training wheels....

We then took the little one out to a new cupcake shop in town called Gigi's Cupcakes. I opted not to get one because I new there would cake later that I put my blood, sweat and tears into!! The little one got the Kiddie Kake and the man got the Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip. You know I sampled some of that shizzzz*&$!!!

I had pics of the actual cupcake but due to recent computer trouble I am unable to retrieve them :(.

I then headed home to finish up the cake that I screwed up in more ways than one. I will spare you the details.
The important thing is is that nobody could tell I screwed it up and actually looked pretty good and tasted even better!!

We then had tons of some family over for happy birthday and cake and ice cream.

Whoa, Mom watch that knife!!!!

After everyone left and we all settled down the little one decided to put on a fashion show for us with all her new clothes....
She proceeded to try on about 3 more outfits and drop about 50 more poses but I wont bore you. At some point we noticed that she never came back up after an outfit change. We found the little angel passed out obviously trying to put on her new PJs....

Sweet, sweet baby :)

The rest of the week was split with visiting my family that was in town and feeding my second baby every 3 hours.

That's a rubber glove filled with kitten formula. The only way she will eat.

Then Saturday was the little ones birthday party for her and her friends. She wanted to skate, so skate she did...
Her and some of her party goers in the back ground.The cake ended up being free because Publix totally screwed it up!! I was so mad! It was supposed to look like an electric guitar. Sorta like this cake...
but instead I think they channeled a banjo...There was also several other things they screwed up...I am convinced I could have done it better myself!! Love this smile...
Well, that's all for now. I will come back later with a recap of my wonderful Mothers Day.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I didn't finish college. Hope to someday soon though.....


  1. aww, it looks like she had SUCH a great birthday!!!! you are a fabulous mom justine-- killer cake, new clothes, rad bike, cupcake shop... all adds up to a niiiiice birthday.

    i will never get over how cute that kitty is :) adorable!! i want one.

  2. Oh my goodness, so much to comment on! So, first off the cake you made looks great!! I am super impressed with your skills. I have no artistic abilities whatsoever, so I am always impressed with people like you that do.

    Second, your daughter looks like your twin in the 4th pic, the one of the two of you together. So cute!!

    The video of the kitten drinking milk from the glove just made my day! We need a pet so bad....someday :(

  3. don't you just love little girls? Ya I have 2 boys but.. my girl is the sweetest little thing.. and your baby looks so much like you! so cute.. and the kitty is precious.. what a great birthday for her.. good job mama!

  4. I "aww"-ed my way through the whole post! Love the photos of your little one, she is so sweet. Loved the cupcake shop! Absolutely loved your cake too..looked awesome. And the kitten? TOO cute. Does it have a name yet? x

  5. Oh my gosh - everything looks like a BLAST! She looks so happy with her new bike!!

  6. Sweet cakes! Even though the guitar didn't come out as planned, I hope it tasted good. Looks like your daughter had a wonderful birthday!

  7. What a cute video!! I had no idea that kitten formula even existed. Your daughter is beautiful. It sounds like a really fun time! Too bad about the cake though... = /

  8. Your cake was prettier Justine :) that banjo is hillarious :P
    happy bday to your baby girl :)

  9. You are such a great mommy! The b-day party looks awesome, banjo I recently started following your blog and love it....your eats and workouts are pretty similiar to mine. No biggie about not finishing're doing a more gratifying job right now-raising your daughter!

  10. Happy Birthday Little One! Justine, I cannot believe you made that Hannah Montana cake! I am beyond impressed, and you totally could have done a better job than Publix did with the banjo/guitar cake.

    Little One seems to fall asleep on the floor a lot...does she? Those pictures always crack me up. Loved all her model poses.

    The video worked...ADORABLE. Almost changed me into a cat person...almost. :)

    Love you - email me with possible lunch dates soon!

  11. Your daughter is beautiful! Happy Birthday to her.

    The cake you made looks awesome, muuch better than the banjo cake!

  12. aww your little girl is sooo cute! she's going to be breaking boys hearts! and you lil baby kitty, omg!!! eeep! I think all the cakes look great! even the banjo. hope u had a great monday!


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