Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hello, everyone!! I am so sorry for the hiatus!!! Its been an incredibly busy week! Not to mention I am also having Internet trouble so I am going to go ahead and let you know there are no pics with this post :(.

Just a quick recap....last Saturday my Mexi-family came in town (my aunt and uncle on my moms side). Tuesday was big get together at my moms with lots of Mexican food. There was a lot of guacamole consumed on toasted flatout wraps :). No margaritas consumed (or any other alcohol). Wednesday, was my precious little ones birthday!! Lots to do that day, including making a homemade Hannah Montana cake (I promise lots of pics to come) and having the family over for cake, ice cream and presents. Thursday, I went shopping all over Nashville with one of my Aunts that lives here and the one that came to visit from Wisconsin. We got in late and then met the rest of the family for dinner. Friday, I spent the day cleaning up from the birthday party on Wednesday and getting ready for the little ones other birthday party for her friends which will take place today 1:30. Still have lots to do for that!!!

Hopefully my Internet and main computer will be working by tomorrow and I can overload my bloggie with lots of pics from the past week. Thanks for bearing with me. Until then.......

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: We totally gave the little one a used (but in perfectly good condition) bike for her birthday! Along with a lot of other unnecessary junk of course!


  1. girrrrl, i miss you!! glad you made an appearance today :)

    lots of guacamole and ice cream makes for a pretty perfect few days. yummm.

    good luck with the party today! happy birthday to little one.

  2. Guac and flatouts - YUM! Happy birthday to your little one :D Hope she likes the bike!

  3. Our kids regularly get gently used things for presents. We especially like to buy Crocs on ebay to save a TON of money. They could really care less.

  4. Sounds like a fun, tasty and busy couple of days! You say no alcohol - do you not drink at all? You're so good...! And I'd like make an "mmmm" to the guac on flat-outs. Yum!

    A bike sounds great! She's a lucky girl :-)


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