Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back To Dinner And Cutting A Cantaloupe

This was yesterdays lunch...
Hugh Jass salad containing...
  • jicama
  • spinach
  • plain lettuce
  • carrots
  • tomato
  • red pepper
  • leftover green pea guac
  • baked chicken
  • 1/2 cup chickpeas
After lunch I went to the doc. to get a shot to keep my rash from coming out while vacationing in the Dominican Republic (I have Polymorphous Light Eruption (PMLE). I also got a call from my other doctor telling me that I am allergic to eggs. Bummer, but I already had a feeling, that is why I cut them out a while ago. He is also making me an appointment with a GI doctor because he feels my problem is deeper than just eggs. Oh, and I am really bummed that I have to cut out my favorite pb of all time :(.

Back to food. Truth be told I haven't cooked a real dinner in a about a week. The man was outta town all last week until late Wed. night, Thurs. they were left to their own devices because I was out for girls night, Fri., we went to the Cheesecake factory, Sat., we were on the lake all day and a party that night, Sun., I don't really remember???and Mon., we ate at his moms. So what to do to ease me back into dinner making??? I decided on something simple. Spaghetti.

The man had his the old fashion way with noodles. I ate mine mixed with spinach, chopped up kobocha squash and a side of green beans...
Mmmm!! This squash is great, sweet or savory just like all the others. For a snack later in the night I had some blended LFCC with cocoa powder and dark chocolate stevia. I also added an unmeasured spoonful of pb...
It was glorious :).

This morning I decided not to hit up the gym. I though 3 days in a row may be a little much. I continued with the chocolate theme for brekkie...

  • 1/2 cup oat bran
  • small piece of sliced banana
  • water
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
I then nuked for 2 min. added stevia, cocoa powder, more water, more sliced banana, and a tbsp. crunchy almond butter. It was Marv!!! :) My morning snack was a Gingered Strawberry Mango Smoothie and a side of LFCC...

The smoothie contained...
  • a chunk of fresh mango, skin and all
  • fresh and frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup UVAM
  • stevia
  • ice cubes
  • hunk of fresh ginger
I then proceeded to try and de clutter the fridge by chopping up and condensing the massive amount of fruit we had in the there. I also took some pics and made a video for you on how I cut a cantaloupe.

Here's my tutorial. First, you cut the sucker in half from end to end...
(Ignore the small piece on the side. I got ahead of myself)

Then you of course scoop out the seeds...
Next you take a half and continue to half...
Until you you get small pieces that look like this...
Here's the final step of cutting your cantaloupe...

All my cut up fruit ready to gobbled up...
Of course I snacked on a few pieces while cutting. The watermelon wasn't very ripe :(. I need tips on picking a ripe watermelon????

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I have a killer gag reflex that used to not allow me to clean the toilets. I used to make the man do it all the time. I finally sucked it up and starting doing it myself. Over the weekend one our toilets got clogged with some nasty!!! Wish me luck cleaning the brown rings out today!!! hahaaaaaa!!!


  1. I'm lovingggg the chocolate themed brekkies!! I'm terrible at picking out fruit so half the time I ask someone that looks like they know their fruit to help me :) GOOD LUCK cleaning out the toilet... that's gross! You can do it!

  2. love cantaloupe!! i think i would die if i were allergic to eggs.. that stinks you cant have them anymore!
    lol over your confession- im the same way about kitty litter boxes- it literally makes me barf!
    thanks for commenting on my video post!!

  3. LOVEE chocolate oatbran! yours looks amazing too :)

  4. Ahhh good luck cleaning! I'm sad you're allergic to eggs - that would be tough, at least you're somewhat used to not having egg products by now?

    I have no idea how to pick a ripe watermelon so if you find out, share with the class ;)

  5. i want some watermelon RIGHT NOW! haha!

  6. your food pix are beautiful (that salad look delish!) and your family is beautiful too! love the confessions, keep up a great blog!

  7. I'm seeing jicama all over the blogs and cannot find it anywhere!!!! Maybe i'm looking in the wrong places.....but I just know that I've tried it before and loveddd it, and now I want some too!!

    And hahaa...thank you for the cantaloupe tutorial, i'm getting a major craving for that lovely fruit now!! :)

  8. Love the salad! It looks delicious. All the cut up fruit look so good. Who needs candy!

    Re your confession - I can understand! Thinking of what you face this weekend makes me dry retch.. ICK.


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