Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Round One Nut Butter Review

I had great day yesterday with my sweet little niece! After picking her up from school we headed back to mi casa to relax for a while and then pack up a lunch to take to the park. I had a big ole salad...
It contained
  • spinach
  • lettuce
  • grilled pork
  • tomato
  • cucumber
  • red peppers
  • sweet potato
  • last of the hummus :(
I wasn't satisfied after this monster!

The little one...
My niece and I (she was laughing to hard to do the lips)...
My sweet things playing...
After the park we headed to a new doc. to talk about what had has been going on with me. It took forever there (90 min.) but it was worth it because I really liked the doc. He was unlike any I have ever been to and I will just leave it at that :). He told me to come back in the morning to get blood drawn so he could run some allergy tests.

When we got home I made the most delicious smoothie eva!!!
It was just plain old frozen strawberries, 1/2 an overripe mango, skin and all, water, a few drops of stevia and a squeeze of fresh lime. It was so smooth and creamy!!! I was also dying to taste my new nut butters. What better way to test them then straight from the jar??? I pulled out 2 for my taste test. I started with the Moon Priestess Cashew Cacao Hempspread. (anything with chocolate has an upperhand with me). Click the name to get the details.

Heres a close up of this yummy spread...
Mmmmmm!!! Fablous!! To me it was just like eating chocolate covered nuts. I loved the big chucks and if you are a fan of crunchy nut butter you will love these spreads!

Next up was Rumi’s Sesame Pistachio Hempspread. (click the name to get the details).
Heres beautiful spread...
Right away I loved the beautiful bright green color. From what I have heard the hemp taste is not to appietizing but these two nut butters were fab! I also loved the taste of this one and you could definitely taste the pistachio. I bet it would be great mixed as an icing a top a pistachio cake!!

Another thing I love about the Wilderness Poets Hemp Nut Butter is that it is • Vegan • No Sugar • No Soy • Gluten Free • Non-GMO • No Trans Fat • No Cholesterol and its in the process of being certified organic.

You can learn more about the nutrition of the hemp seed by clicking here. You can also read the cute story of the makers, Mika and John, by clicking here.

Back to my fun filled day for a moment. Dinner was pretty random and nothing special...
Sausage and a small salad. I was still starving from my 5am workout so I also had a bowl of plain old oats which never fails to fill my tummy :).

After dinner we headed to Victorias Secert where I picked up a new bikini for 20 BUCKS!! Can you believe it? What a deal! Then we headed over to Barnes and Noble. Then off the grocery store to fill up my low fresh veg. bank. I was sad when my brother called at 9:30 saying my niece had to come home. I thought she was staying the night and was not looking forward to being alone :(.

I couldnt eat after midnight so at about 11:30 I had a late night snack of Oregon Hazelnut Hempspread with a small chunk of carrot...
My verdict? YUM!! Still chunky like all the others with a strong but balanced hazelnut flavor. Pergect on this carrot.

I also had it this morning in my bowl of berry oats (black and blueberries)...
I had just a dab but knew it would be enough and not get drowned out by the flavor of the oats and berries. It made my bowl complete!!

I also had this sausage on the side...
I am lovin me some hemp right now!! My little jars will fo sho be polished off by the end of the weekend!! (Is that threat?) haha

Have a happy hump day!!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: My husband and I met at a bar. If you are lucky I will tell you the embarrising name of the bar later.

Question: Where did you and your significant other meet?


  1. aw, girls day at the park!! fun!

    all these nut butters look so good! I haven't had many hemp products, but these look pretty tasty. i cant imagine them tasting bad! very likely that i would just eat them out of the jar.....:)

    I have no significant other......hahaha. great.

  2. My husband and I met at a bar...for a good two years my parents thought we met in a restaurant.

    Close enough right?

  3. Those nut butters look so awesome, especially that cacao one...and I love your sweet potato in salad idea!

  4. can you say anymore about your allergy tests? i'm thinking about getting that done, but not sure if i should. or if it will be covered by insurance.

  5. Ahhh out of hummus?! That's a major cause for concern!!

    Glad you like your new doc! Hope everything goes well! You have such a gorgeous family! Those nut butters sound fantastic!

  6. My boyfriend and I met at a houseparty in college...then the next time we met up was at a bar. It was casual at first so it was just easy to meet up there on the weekends when we were with friends. When people ask how we met we say 'mutual friend' which is kinda true :)

    the nut butters look amazing!

  7. Yum!! those hemp butters look delish! i'm curious about the pistacchio because i love pistacchio ice cream!

  8. Justine,
    I'll trade you my new spiralizer for all those hemp seed butters. :)

    Seriously, I am so jealous. I have yet to try anything with hemp in it that didn't taste like dirt, and you know I love my chunky nut butters! I can not get over those cashew chunks in the raw cacao flavor. I want some right now for breakfast.

    Kitten names:
    1. Peanut Butter (PB for short)
    2. Hazelnut
    3. Oatie

  9. Your lunch salad looks delicious - the sweet potato looks so good in there.

    Sounds like you had a really lovely day with your daughter and niece. You do the lips very well!

    All those nut butters sound fantastic. Do you have a favourite?

  10. Yummy smoothie and nut butters! Haha, my husband and I met when we both worked at Kroger (grocery store). He was 18 and I was 16, gosh that was a long time ago!


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