Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Cold Winter In July

Man, its just been one of those weekends. A little picture taking here and there, shopping, lake, family and lots of baking today (we'll get to that later). I' start with some of eats in no particular order. Smoothie in a bowl...
Dark chocolate oat bran with mashed banana and almond butter...
Butternut squash fries baked to perfection...
I love it when they are crispy and not soggy...
Served with a salad that's topped with broken up pieces of a Black Bean Turkey Burger
Cuddly kittens...
Oh, sorry I didn't eat that :)

On to some eats I made for other peeps. Chocolate Chip Cheesecake for my brothers 39th birthday...
and a peanut butter cake with chocolate peanut butter frosting for my nieces 15th birthday because her dad didn't get her one or sing her happy birthday. Whats up with that???...
Wish that my brother and his family of 35 don't come over and eat it all...
and last but certainly not least, cherry yogurt popsicles for the little one...
I also managed to freeze my ass of in the middle July out on the lake....
The 8 beers I drink helped keep me from hypothermia. Ok, I am lying they didn't help. Whats up with that anyway. It was the coldest day in July in like 28 years and it happened to be the day we planned 2 months ago to go out with friends.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I really need to get to the gym in the morning. I didn't eat any of the desserts I made but I did do a little bowl lickin while making them. Opps.

Tonight the little one gave us an at home concert at my parents house. I thought I'd let you lucky gals be graced with a little bit of her presence. Here's a peek...

Now I know shes good but don't go calling agents and crap. Actually, she is probably a little hard to hear in this video but don't worry your ears are thanking you. I am thinkin maybe the next Janice Joplin. I don't know though shes scarily comfortable with that pole in a bikini. She might have a future in Vegas.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: Is it bad that I completely avoid all products with fake sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame but still give them to my man and little one? Its just hard for me to ween them off of sugar free syrup :(


  1. aww, fun weekend! i really need to make the dark chocolate oats-- what do you put in them? they look like HEAVEN. I love getting to eat dessert-like things for breakfast without having to feel guilty!

    I am SOOO glad to hear your confession of the day. I was literally just thinking the same things a few minutes ago. tonight, I made some zucchini bread for my dad using splenda, and I made my mom a frappucino using sugar-free syrup, but I NEVER use anything unless it's stevia. Ive been feeling so guilty about that, but i have convinced myself that i'd rather they had splenda than full-on sugar. i'm in denial!

  2. That video was so sweet! How old is your little one?

    I have the same inner struggle, letting my husband and kids eat things that I wouldn't, the kids especially, even if it's only occasionally.

  3. OH my goodness, the video is so adorable! She's got the hip thing down! That is too cute.
    I can never get my b-nut fries to crisp. What's the secret? :)

  4. I am going to go try to recreate all of your food right now!

  5. such a great video!

    what's your secret for butternut fries? Mine always come out soggy! Have you always avoided sweeteners? I have a horrible addiction and trying to come off...not easy!

  6. thank you for commenting on your blog, because now i found yours and i am LOVIN it. those eats are right up my alley - sp fries, smoothies, oat bran and of course, dessert!

    plus, your lil' punkin is TOO cute. i also love the background on your blog! happy monday!

  7. I don't even know where to begin (I'm overwhelmed with all the yummy foods) so list format!

    - What's up with the summer?! It's way too cold! Give me some hot and humid days ;)
    - Love the bnut fries! I haven't had fries in so long!
    - The cheesecake and PB cake look fantastic! Glad you hooked her up with a good birthday!
    - Your boat attire and drink of choice is the exact same as mine. Sometimes I rep the sweat pants too :D
    - Your confession isn't bad at all! I avoid the fake stuff (except stevia) as much as possible because it gives me headaches (and probably brain tumors ;) )

  8. Oh my gosh that salad with the butternut squash fries look divine! All those cakes look great--must be quite a baker :)

    Hehe, the Little One is adorable!

    I know what you mean--my parents and sister always put splenda in their coffee. I tell them that's it's better to have the real stuff, but they don't listen! It's hard for me too!

  9. Oh my gosh that salad with the butternut squash fries look divine! All those cakes look amazing—you must be a very good baker :)

    Hehe, the Little One is adorable!

    I know what you mean—my parents and sister have splenda with their daily cup of coffee. I tried to tell them it’s better to have the real stuff, but they don’t listen! It’s hard for me to wean them off too :(

  10. Justine,
    I miss you my friend. Ha - look at Little One in her little bikini. So cute. :)

    Ugh, you know my battles with the artificial sweeteners, but I say give them the real syrup! A a tsp or 2 of real maple syrup won't hurt...besides, it's so yummy.

    Sorry about the cold day out on the lake. I heard it felt like autumn the day we left Nashville. If it makes you feel any better, it's in the 40's every morning here in Colorado.

    Your baked goods looked delicious...but I would have been happiest with that dark chocolate bowl of oat bran!

    Very sweet of you to bake for your niece - I'm sure you helped make her birthday very special. :)

  11. that cheesecake looked awesome! sorry youhad to freeze your butt off :(
    i struggle with letting my fam eat the things i wont too. the little one is actually more accepting, but i still give in a lot.

  12. Little one is a dream baby! Too cute!

    Ok, how do you make the chocolate oat bran? You're food always looks so darn Yummy!

  13. Atleast you know you care :) there's only so much we can do. In the end it's each person who makes decisions for themselves, but you can always help influence them in a positive way.

    Those desserts you baked sound delicious! Especially the peanut butter one. Lol I bet your neice was wishing that hehehe.

    As for those fries, giiiiirl, I'm gonna have to go to the store and buy me a squash :)

  14. I love the video of the little one OMG, she has some real talent baby!!!!!

  15. Your fries look delicious!! I have got to know how you make your choc. oat bran. I've never asked, sorry! Thanks :D
    <3 jess


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