Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Combo Shmambo????

Hey guys :). Ugh, sorry I haven't posted. I had a great weekend but the last two days have been really suckie. My stomach started hurting yesterday morning and hasn't stopped since. I don't know if I had some bad combos or what?? Needless to say I haven't taken very many pics either. Here's some of my fresh fruit cereal...

  • bananas
  • peaches
  • strawberries
  • roasted ab
  • almond milk

  • huge banana
  • golden delicious apple
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • raw and roasted ab
  • almond milk
and one of my new favorite lunches...
the portabello/bella (idk the right way) and avocado sandwich on Ezekiel Bread. Just realized this meal is badly combined because of the hummus. Which is a bad combo within itself (nuts/starch), bleh. Anyway, I don't really know what I am going to do know eating wise. I felt good the first few days of combining but now its seems like I have been screwing up the combos and my stomach feels like hell. I honestly don't know what to eat anymore but I do know something is wrong in my gut especially after reading these articles: Fix Your Gut Fix Your Health, The Adrenal Glands: Nature's Roller Coaster or the Source of Your Fatigue? So I am pretty confused and I am actually starting to think becoming a BREATHARIN makes sense. Check it out, it only costs $10,000 or gold for a workshop. Who knows it might be fun living off nothing but air and purified water with the occasional 20oz Diet Coke and McDonald's double quarter pounder with cheese.

On to other things, I just received the new issue of Clean Eating Mag so except some yummy recipes soon. Oh, and I have Twitter so check me out yo!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: My husband and I want to move out of the state of Tennessee. Any suggestions??

Inspired By HEAB's random comment of the day: (me with bleaching tray in my mouth trying to talk to the little one) "I cant talk with this big thing in my mouth"

The man: "That's what she said"

He totally got me!!!


  1. Haha, laughing at your random quote..teehee!

    I need to subscribe to the clean eat magazine. I have Tosca Reno's clean eating cookbooks and love those.

    I hope your tummy feels better soon gf :D

  2. hey.. sorry you can't move outta state.. I just decided for you..

    hate that you still feel bad.. have you just started eating something you don't normally eat? maybe the Ezekiel bread? i wish i could help...

  3. I was doing food combining and it got pretty overwhelming. Now I still work to combine but I don't sweat it if something isn't perfect. I'd stopped eating hummus for a while too for the same reason you stated, that's improperly combined to begin with!

    Oh and yes I actually prefer roasted AB to raw AB. I'm actually OUT of roasted so winning your little mystery recipe giveaway couldn't have been more perfect for me! Thanks gal! :)

    Sorry about the tummy trouble, hope you are on the mend.

  4. What is it with the tummy issues?! Seriously, I feel your pain! I hope it goes away!! This whole weekend while I was in between heating pad sessions (it helped a little bit) I talked to Dr. Google and became convinced I had everything from adrenal issues, celiac, both hypo and hyperthyroidism, etc. Could make a girl go crazy!

    I've always thought it would be awesome to live in Nashville AND your comment/hubs follow up is fantastic!

  5. What???? NO.. you can't leave!!! :(

    Sorry you're tummy is giving you trouble! I know all about those fun issues!

    Is it the combinations? or just the extra veggies/fruits?

    I hope you feel better soon!!! :(

  6. I'm sorry to hear about those tummy issues, Justine! I hope that it gets better soon!!!

    I decided that any sandwich with avocado is amazing, no?

    I love Washington State, but I've never lived anywhere else, so not a reliable source ;)

  7. Mama have you tried probiotics? Good old refrigerated probiotics (not the shelf stable kind, everything's already dead!). For bad tummies, acidophilus & bifidus strains are really good. Any local health food store will have what you need. Even in TN. I just read that other post. Yeah, I don't blame you. My hubby and I lived in SC for a few years...not really our calling long term.

    Also papaya enzymes are really helpful for digestion. And fermented foods, kefir, komboucha, etc. Sorry if this is redundant to you.

    Thanks for being my first comment on my bloggie BTW!

  8. sorry to hear that miscombining made your stomach feel bad. Have you noticed this before trying the food combining thing? Do you think that food combining made your stomach more sensible?
    I must say that those combos (both the fruit and the salad) look delicious!!!!!

  9. If I could marry a sandwich, I would marry your portabello and avocado sandwich. In fact, I think I may have to make a recreation later this week to cement the relationship.

    Hope your gut feels better. I'm having issues as well. Lovely.

  10. Move to CA and then when I move back we can be neighbors :) I really think you would fit in as a California girl!

  11. ohhhh sorry bout the combining mambo jambo...i would just try to find out what makes YOUR tumtum feel good and go with that!

    out of TN...hmmmm, how about Madison, WI? that's where i'm moving, then we can be friends :)

  12. lol i can comment on anything else because im laughing too hard over that website- the Breatharians.. is that REAL??? A JOKE??? please tell me its a joke and people dont really send that wack job money!

  13. the food looks great! sorry you are feeling yucky. i have always liked Oregon :)

  14. bahahha, from the Breatharian site: "Cost is $10,000 USD or Gold.... this is not a misprint."


    so sorry about feeling gross :( I've found that, although food combining helps, when I start to miscombine after a few days of good combining, i feel REALLY sick. I think your body/digestive system gets used to not having to work hard so it gets super pissed when you miscombine. I had to just give up the combining thing all together lol, it's so hard!

    I live in Malibu, CA (most of the time) and it is fabbbbb! Everyone should move there!


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