Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blackberry Bliss

Hello, all of you beautiful and intelligent ladies (and my husband) . Hope everyone had a great Tuesday. Mine was pretty good. After breakfast yesterday I made another swirly creation. This time it was a chocolate covered strawberry smoooooothie. Um...YUM!!!! The strawberry part contained...
  • 1/2 cup uvam
  • frozen strawberries
  • small chunk of apple
  • stevia
The chocolaty part contained...
  • 1/2 cup ucam
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • spoonful of dark chocolate cocoa powder
  • few ice cubes
  • dark chocolate stevia
The result...
...heaven in a glass.

After smoothie heaven we ran so errand's and then came home for lunch...
Nope, not BEANUT BUTTER this time. I had a salad of
  • romaine
  • spinach
  • broccoli slaw
  • brussel sprouts
  • corn
and then a mashed black bean mixture that contained lots of salsa, cumin, garlic powder, pepper, and onion powder. Along with that I had some leftover baked chicken nugget thingies and I mixture of ketchup and BBQ sauce for dipping.

Since the man was going golfing after work the little one and I decided to make some plans. I found a You Pick Farm and we headed out the door with snacks in tow on a 25 mile journey to pick blackberries. The place was far far out but we had fun...
The peaches weren't "you pick" but we broke the rules and chowed down one while picking blackberries...
We were gonna buy peaches but when we got back to the stand someone had came and bought them all :(. Here's what we ended up with...
So big and juicy!! (that's what she sa....Ill stop there)The cost: $8.25

Besides a belly full of blackberries we snacked on apples carrots and pb on the way back.

For dinner a made my first "raw" salad...kinda. I peeled a zucchini and tossed it with guac., tomatoes, and lime juice and then served it over a bed of spinach....
Then I totally ruined the rawness with some more baked chicken nuggets...
I had planed on going for a walk since it was my off day from the gym but never got around to it. I decided on the next best thing, "retail cardio". The little one and I hit some shops after dinner because the man was still not home. We were on a mission to pick up some ramekins for blackberry crumble among other things.

We got home late but I still managed a dessert for the little one...
She insisted on whipped cream...
I just mixed the blackberries with some agave and then for the crust I mixed
  • couple of spoonfuls of ww flour
  • couple of spoonfuls of quick oats
  • tiny spoon tip of baking powder
  • splash of almond milk
  • shake of sea salt
  • few swirls of agave syrup
Baked at 350 for about 25 min.

Her belly was happy and she is still sleeping!!

This morning I was up at the crack to hit the Y. Then I came home for some Oatgurt,

You guessed it, blacberries!!!
O, and pb :)

Have a great humpday guys!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I pick my nose. haha. Like all the time!! I cant stand for anything to be in it. It just drives me crazy!! Whats wrong with wanting a clean nose??

P.S. How thrilled was I to get an email from Stacy telling me she tried my BEANUT BUTTER. Check it out to see what she thought.

Oh and wish me luck because I am about to take the little one to get the rest of her shots!!!


  1. Nothing wrong with picking your nose when you put it like THAT! haha...

    I love the 'pick your own' places! I always end up eating way more than I buy, lol. They should weigh me when I go in and weigh me when I leave and charge me :P

  2. Pick your own berries, pick your own nose. LOL but seriously, look at all of those delicious berries.

    P.S. I may, or may not, pick my own nose a lot the privacy of my bathroom.

  3. You rebel peach eaters!! ;) I love the you pick farms!

    I should mix ketchup and BBQ sauce together - I love them both so they have to taste great combined, right?!

    BEANUT BUTTER is on the To Eat list!

  4. holy yum that smoothie looks delish.. have to make one.. with a side of that crumble of course..

    see you tomorrow you nasty nose picker!!

  5. HAHA! Your confessions keep getting better and better.

    Love your partly raw dinner ;) That crumble looks delicious!
    <3 jess

  6. Strangely, our dinners were VERY similar. The berry picking pics are priceless!

  7. Thanks! Coco oil is short for coconut oil. I used to not like coconut at all, but since I tried it again I love it (and eat it in all forms: coconut butter/oil/meat/water), but I really notice it in everything I put it in. The more I use it, the less sensitive I get to the taste though... Maybe that's why you can't taste it in yours??

    I'm thinking beanut butter chili!

  8. Pink + chocolate is definitely my favorite swirl so far :D.
    Awww the kid looks extra cute today in the pink dress. Oh my goodness those blackberries look so fresh and juicy!

    Whoa, I tried the raw zucchini-avocado combo the first time yesterday too. Sorry to say, but I wasn't a big fan :(

    LOL at the picking your nose--love your honesty, Justine!

  9. Hi Justine!

    Ok, first off, your dd (dear daughter) is gorgeous, she looks like her mamma! ;)

    Chocolate strawberrie word describes how that looks....INCREDIBLE! Do you use a regular blender for your smoothie concoctions, or do you have a vita mix?

    Reatail cardio? HA! Now that's my kind of

    You have a wonderful day!


  10. that smoothie sounds amazing! i love that you guys got to pick your own blackberries. how fun! and they look perfect.

  11. LOVE the smoothie! That's heaven in a glass, indeed!
    And lol!!! I PICK MY NOSE TOO! I'm glad to meet another nose-picker. Hey, I like to breathe in fresh air, and I don't like to breath in the blockage in my nose! That's even more gross!

  12. Ha ha - Loved your confession of the day. I won't lie...I dig sometimes. :)

    Your raw salad + chicken sounds like the perfect dinner to me...and I bet you didn't pay $8 for that package of chicken!!!!

    That blackberry oatgurt looks heavenly. Seriously, makes me want to pick a whole basket tomorrow morning before breakfast.

    Have fun at the zoo and please tell Kim I said "hello".

    P.S. I forgot to answer your question - Yes, the souroat bread was filling...and yummy!

  13. OH yeah... I need to make that smoothie!!!

    The blueberry picking looks like so much fun! We just got a pint in our CSA delivery... I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with them!

    Hope you and Heather had a great time today... we need to get the girls together soon :)

  14. Ahh, your food always looks so so yummy!! I need to try some of your recipes soon!

    And I loved your "I pick my nose" comment. Hilarious! But you know, I'm sure we ALL do! We just aren't brave enough to say it. :-)

  15. Retail it! I am very familiar with that ;)
    The fruit-pcikin' pictures are so darn cute!


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