Friday, July 10, 2009

Love A Good Power Outage

Ok guys, I am going to try and make this snappy because I have a play date at the zoo with my friend and fellow blog reader, Kim. Yesterday, after the gym and breakfast the little one and I headed to the doctor for the last of her shots. Here she is posing in the new hospital fashion line for kids...She didn't put up to much of a fight at shot time (we did hold her down) and I think it all happened a lot faster than she anticipated. Some stickers and a few suckers later we headed for a cupcake at Gigi's since she took it like a champ...
Basically, don't get the pink lemonade because it sucked. Not to brag but my cupcakes are way better and I can make a whole batch for the cost of one of these babies ($3.25). After some retail cardio we headed to meet the beautiful HEABS at little place in Nashville called Calypso Cafe.
We had a marvelous lunch as always. Here's my salad minus a lot of the ingredients...
The little ones lunch...
Group shot...
I really do not like this pic of me!!!

Anyway, headed home. Took a little rest. Then made dinner. I present you with Turkey Stuffed Bell Peppers (I will edit to add recipe later)...
Mine is the red one with no cheese. Here's how I served mine up...
After dinner we settled on the couch to catch up on some shows when all of a sudden I heard a huge BOOM followed by a power failure. For a second I thought Kim Jong Il grew some balls. After that we headed out to see the commotion and took a long walk around the neighborhood. Then I came back in and grabbed all the ice cream outta the fridge and took it outside to eat before it went bad (like that was gonna happen)...
Someone was happy!! I took a small bite of blackberries and the coconut milk ice cream.

Power came back about 15 min. later and we hit the sack a short time later.

Now I am in a huge rush to make it to the zoo. We packed lunch and snacks and I downed my breakfast...
...oatgurt made with blackberries and chia seeds.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I hate when people mock me!!! Cant stand it, makes me wanna cry!!!

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  1. aw, how come you hate the group shot? I think it's great!

    Have fun at the zoo!

    (Thank you for pointing me towards your protein powder recipes- can't wait to try them!)

  2. Have fun at the zoo! I think you look gorgeous in the group shot :)

    Love that dinner you made. Mmm!
    <3 jess

  3. I wish that I got a cupcake after shots. :(

    I love stuffed bell peppers, can't wait to see your recipe! I always make them with red peppers because my husband isn't a huge fan of green. lol.

  4. Girl, you're crazy! You look gorgeous in that picture!

    The little one sure is brave! You are, too! I HATE taking Maddie for shots... I cry with her :( My mother-in-law always goes with me because I can't watch... yes, I'm that much of a wimp.

    What did you think of Calypso?? One of my fav local places here! :)

    Oh, and how is that three layer hummus from TJ's? I came SO close to picking some up yesterday!

    Have a great time at the Zoo!!!

  5. HAHA at the boom!! The little one is a fierce model ;)

    You're crazy - the shot of the three of you is great!!

    Have fun at the zoo today!

  6. I think both you and heabs look great in that photo. The little one looks adorable too, as usual ;)

    Oooh can't wait to see the recipe for the stuffed bell peppers. They look delicious!

    Hope you have a lovely time at the zoo!

  7. What?! Why don't you like that picture?! You are beautiful!!
    Lunch looks delicious! Wish I could have been there!

  8. love stuffed bell peppers! your daughter looks like she's in a cocoon in that first photo - too cute!

  9. I think it's an adorable pic!

    And I love, love, love this line: For a second I thought Kim Jong Il grew some balls.


  10. It's rare that I can get pictures of oatgurt and references to a North Korean dictator in the same place. Well played.

  11. Oh, what a sweetie..she's a brave one, isn't she?
    And what the heck are you talking about? you look freaking GORGEOUS!
    And I totally LMAO-ed at that joke on Kim Jong Il!

  12. YOU go-juss!! :)

    LOVE your blog, I am sorry I don't comment more. I am trying to be a good girl and not spend tooo much time on the puter, but I love your blog, Justine! You seem like such a sweetie and your peanut (little one) is just adorable. hope your tummy is feeling wonderful!

    I LOVE Calypso! I went one time and got the rotiseree chicken and I think a couple sides. Not sure, but it was yummers!

    XOXO Polly (from YIY)

  13. So adorable in her little outfit, lol. I too love your blog but am a terrible commenter! But I thought I would pop in and say hello and I'm planning to try your BEANUT BUTTER tomorrow ;)

  14. What! You look beautiful in that picture.

    I see you have the 3 layered TJ Hummus. Have you had the Quartet? I love it so much, but I want an opinion on the 3 layer. Is it weird that they are layered and you are eating more than one type at once?


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