Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Random Ramblings

So yesterday I finally made it to Sephora to use the gift card I have had since last Christmas. Anyone else hold on to gift cards 4ever? I always get excited to dig into my shiny bag...
I am not really a fancy makeup person, more of a Wal-Mart makeup person but everyone needs a splurge once in a while right?
I picked up some Make Up For Ever Primer in #6 yellow (not sure if that was the right choice but the lady wasn't very helpful). Anyone ever used this stuff? Is it worth $32 bucks? I also snagged some NARS Bronzer in Casino, and I got a free gift since my B-day is next Thurs. :) I loved the sleek compact the bronzer came in...
In other news I have been enjoying a plethora of coconut oil roasted veggies. YOU MUST ROAST YOUR VEGGIES IN COCONUT OIL!!! Its amazing! I enjoyed them bathed in some of my leftover CURRIED BUTTERNUT SQUASH AND APPLE SOUP...
If you haven't seen it yet check out Mama's version of the soup. It looked fab.

I hit Trader Joe's about a week ago and picked me up some new goodies, all of which I really enjoyed and I think you need to check out if you haven't already. First up is the new Trader Joe's Smooth and Creamy Hummus....
This is definitely my new favorite hummus. Not to mention it only has 40 cals in 2 tbsp!!! As you can see I finished off both containers :).

Next up is this fab tea I found...
Add a little stevia and this tea, so so so good!! The stevia really brings out the Blueberry and Pomegranate flavors.

Bare with me just a few more random things from my random box. I received this great package the other day...
It couldn't have come at a better time with all this holiday baking just around the corner. I cant wait to give it a whirl and look at this fab cookbook they sent along...
I love cookbooks with lots of pics. Seriously whats a cookbook with out them?
On to today's chocolafied breakfast...
GF Hot Cereal In A Jar
Look At That Chocolaty Goodness
And Dark Chocolate Homemade Greek Yogurt

No, I don't love chocolate. Not at all.....

Finally, my random amateur pic of the little one...
Selective Colorization Using Gimp

I am rather proud of the pic but I wish I could figure out how to remove the power lines, hehe.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: My husband and I got married in the court house. No wedding necessary and I am so glad we did it that way. No money wasted. Plus we had a huge party about 6 months later with family and friend to celebrate. It was perfect :).


  1. I am a MAC girl but Nars is awesome stuff...and I love sephora! But I like never wear makeup anymore...Skylar doesn't care :) I wish I had somewhere to go where makeup was necessary, sadly, i don't!

    Coconut oil on veggies rocks!

    Glad you found hummus you dig! TJs is a treasure cove, isn't it!

    We got married in Las Vegas for $299. That included limo, license, ceremony, plastic flowers, a disposable roll of film on a Kodak camera, and honestly, almost 9 yrs later, it was fine! We spent the tens of thousands we woulda spent on a wedding on travels around the world with each other before Skylar was born :) I am all about the courthouse/vegas weddings!

  2. Justine,
    CD and I had a really small wedding as well. Wouldn't trade it for anything - it was perfect.

    So, that what Gimp does - I need to download it.

    Jealous of your chocolate Greek yogurt. Darn dairy!

    Not much of a fancy make-up girl myself, but I'm sure I would have found a use for that Sephora gift card much sooner than you. :)

  3. Sephora, Cacao Bliss, Clean Eating magazine... love it! :)

  4. I don't wear a lot of makeup. I will swear by Maybeline(sp?) mascara. The pink tube. I have tried to change but have found nothing that works better for me.
    Your pic of the little one is so adorable!!

  5. Oh my... you waited that long to use a sephora gift card???

    You know me and make up - that baby would have been gone the second it hit my fingers :)

    I have a blush and bronzer from NARS that I really like. Other than that, I haven't been able to spend that much on some of their products! But they're all amazing, from what I have heard.

    I finally bought some virgin coconut oil.... now what?? I have no idea what to do with it!!!

  6. That photos of the Little One looks professional! Beautiful.

    Matthew and I had a very small wedding, too. It was absolutely perfect and I would do it over again the same way :) And we got parties on both sides of the Atlantic afterward!

    I always use my gift cards immediately because I am greedy like that. I bet that bronzer is great!

  7. That soup really turned out great - thanks again for the inspiration! Such a great combo of flavors.

    Love that pic of the LO - especially the special effects! Very cool, and very cute!

  8. Your soup looks soooooo good! And your picture is beautiful!!

    What brand of stevia do you use? I use SweetLeaf Sweetener stevia.

  9. i always tell people i don't need a big wedding either - its going to be the courthouse or a beach ceremony somewhere exotic. i am secretly hoping for the latter :)

    what's gimp? i think i need it in my life.

    and that soup is calling my name! love you dear justine...have a fabulous day!

  10. I love, love, love the picture of the little one-it's beautiful!

  11. I am terrible at using gift cards right away... for some reason, they always sit around for months,

    The photo of your daughter is gorgeous. There's nothing amateur about it!

  12. YAY chocolate! Anytime of day :) LOVE the picture of your daughter with the pumpkin- perfect for holiday cards? (Do people still send those? Lol).

    Aaaaah, hummus. I'd eat the tub in a day too. Serving sizes, say what?

  13. i loveee sephora! that nars bronzer will last you forever. thats absolutely my fav product. sorry i dont have a review for the primer... i use shiseido brand.


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