Monday, September 28, 2009

Winner Of Kombucha Giveaway + Some Eats

The lucky winner of my Gt's Kombucha Giveaway *drum roll* is.......Maria from Hearts Whole Foods (love your blog by the way). Maria, email me your address and I will get that coupon out to you ASAP!! Thanks to everyone who entered and look froward to lots more giveaways in the future :)!!

Because Monday is the busiest day of the week for me I am going to try to make this quick and share a few more new things I have recently tried.

First up is more Zevia. I am seriously lovin this stuff!! This time I tried the Natural Twist....
YUM!! I never drank a whole can at a time. I had half mixed with some carbonated water. Tasted just like real lemon lime soda and then addition of the carbonated made it not to sweet. Shhh...don't tell but I drank the other half another day with some Bacardi :). These sodas work great as mixers!!

Next, is this really good Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Cereal...
It contains: Whole grain brown rice, corn, sweet white sorghum, buckwheat. I like to sweeten it with this stevia (looks and tastes just like sugar) and bananas and then of course some nut butter was added after the pic :).

Another new find are these Hungry Girl approved noodles that I spotted at out newly stocked grocery store....
They are Tofu Shiritaki Noodles and the whole pack only contains 40 calories and like 6 carbs. I had a big ole chicken pasta plate with them along with 2 slices of Ezek. with hummus...
Close up..
Talk about a full belly!!! I must warn though that the texture is a bit weird. Kinda chewy and slimy. Not something I'd eat everyday but pretty good!!

And on to an oldie but a goodie...
Kabocha squash. My beautiful friend Heather brought be these beauts the other day when we had lunch and I have been enjoying them ever since. Thanks HEABS!! I am so glad kabocha is back in my life!!!

That brings me to a question. I have mostly enjoyed kabocha in fry form (my fav.) and haven't tried any other recipes really. I know you ladies have some great suggestions. Whats your favorite way yo eat or cook kabocha???

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I am obsessed with all things doctor shows on TV. I love watching The Doctors and Dr. Oz! Have any of you seen these shows?


  1. Glad you're enjoying the Zevia girl :) And I have never even had kabocha. Can you believe it? I really love all kinds of roasted squash so I know I would love it, I just cant find it in the regular groceries and rather than making another trip somewhere, I just do butternut or acorn. But fall is here and squash is so good.

    I am GF too and have never had that Bob's GF hot cereal. Looks good, but I still dig just good ole fash oats. Either Bob's GF or even regular and me do ok together if I'm not feelin like dropping the $ on the Bob's GF oats.

    Anyway girl, hope you got the comment glitch figured out. Sorry I didnt have more for you.

    Miss you :)

  2. If it's super ripe, steaming it is the way to go :)

    I don't really like zevia... I keep trying it and it just grosses me out. I don't know why. I've tried several flavors.

  3. I'm dying to try kabocha squash, but I can't find it around here! :(

    I LOVE Dr. Oz and watching 'The Doctors' - Travis Stork used to be on 'The Bachelor,' haha :-D

  4. so you liked the tofu noodles? I have been wanting to try them but didn't know if they were edible.. can't beat the calorie count though!

  5. Yay, thanks girlie! I do love me some Kombucha :D

    I like to cut kabocha up like fries and roast them. They're good just as they are, but even better with ketchup!

  6. I really like the Doctors!

    Congrats to Maria! :)

    Mmm, fabulous eats girlll! Where can I find kabocha?
    <3 jess

  7. Gotta get my hands on some of that Zevia as I love anything carbonated.

    Did the Bob's Red Mill bother your belly? I hope not - sure looks thick and creamy.

    Shirataki - can't do them. Soy protein overload. I really want to try kelp noodles but can't find them. :(

    Just got your text regarding kabocha today when my new phone arrived. I chop/slice mine and roast in 425 oven for 45 minutes plain. PERFECT!

  8. I love steaming or boiling my kabocha so I can mash it, then mix in some coconut oil, sprinkle some cinnamon and brown sugar - voila! I have some ideas for kabocha on my blog :) You should check them out.


  9. I enjoy a big bowl of kabocha everynight and my favorite way is steamed kabocha and freeze 5 min after it's done! :)

  10. ooohhh shirataki noodles are soooo good! i love those!

    ahhh kabocha...i have only ever had two in my life, but i am prepared to change that. i think steamed/roasted with a drizzle of maple syrup and cinnamon cannot be beat!

    love you ms. justine!

  11. never tried that type of squash! now I must try it it looks delish!!

    oh I love the shiritake noodles, they make a killer stir-fry!! and hungry girl ROCKS too, i use lots of her smart ideas!!

  12. Hey glad you're back! :) I've never had kabocha but I loooove butternut squash. I love roasting it with apples and then mashing together with cinnamon and if I want it sweeter, stevia. Dessert!
    Samsies with the Shiritaki noodles. I get them from time to time. Better in some recipes than others. Sometimes I'll mix with whole wheat pasta if I'm hungry and want to eat a lot!

  13. I think I had the lemon lime Zevia? Maybe that's the natural twist but couldn't get on board- thought it tasted...dusty? I'll have to try another flavor.

    Kabocha- chopped into big pieces then put in a pyrex baking dish skin side down, add enough water to cover the bottom, then a basting brush to put water on top, then coconut oil. Then roasted in a 375 oven for 30-40 min. Served plain or with almond butter on top :)

  14. It's great to see another mom eating a living a clean and healthy life! I will be back for more posts! =)


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