Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some Yum Yums & A Date With The Girls

I am lovin me some food here lately. I have been trying to eat a variety of things and keep my life spicy!! Lots of different breakfast, lunches, snacks and din dins. I have also found that my tummy does OK with one serving of dairy a day in the form of either Greek yogurt or my beloved cottage cheese. Here is one of the breakfasts I have been enjoying as of late...
  • 2 slices of Ezek bread (one with pb, cinnamon, and bananas, the other with TJ's low sugar jelly)
  • Greek yogurt with strawberries, cinnamon and NuNaturals stevia
So I usually don't like to buy individually packaged products because its not good for the environment but I couldn't resist when I saw these 100 calorie packs of hummus..
Can you say portion control!! Which I totally need with hummus. This brings me to my snack..
For dinner I made pizza with my fav pizza dough, Trader Joe's whole wheat...
I learned from reading forums that you shouldn't roll this dough (which never worked for me) but instead use gravity to stretch it out by holding it up and rotating it with your hands. It worked perfect and I think this is my first ever round crust :).
  • The big part with cheese was for the man
  • The little part with cheese and veggies was for the little one (she loves mushrooms)
  • The part with veggies, no cheese and hummus instead of tomato sauce was for me
Being the good girl that I am and practicing portion control I only had one slice atop a salad...
with turkey pepperoni.

So last night we had a little blogger/reader meet up at a local Nashville restaurant called Calypso Cafe. I ordered the tuna salad with two sides which included spiced sweet potatoes with coconut on top and the Martinique Callaloo greens...
To be honest it wasn't that great. I ate one scoop of tuna all the greens and about half the sweet potatoes. It didn't matter about the food though because I had a great time with the girls!! Here is the line up...
From left to right: My sweet friend Kim, adorable blogger Heather, some crazy awesome chick in the middle, another adorable blogger Amanda, and yet another adorable blogger with perfect hair, Mandy.

After dinner we all split. Kim and I headed off to Trader Joe's to fulfill my Puffins craving and the rest of the chicks hit up a frozen yogurt place. I got my Puffs and a Bag of Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Slims....
(I had to steal this pic from some blog because I ate 3/4 the bag in the car and the man and the little one ate the rest when I got home)

Talk about evil!!! Don't buy these unless you plan on surrendering all self control and polishing off the bag!!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: There is this really lean lady that takes all the same classes as I do at the Y. I found myself tempted to ask her what she eats to stay so lean. I had to stop myself and remember that the same thing doesn't work for everyone and that I am happy with the way I am eating now and I don't need to worry about other peoples eats in that way!! Do you ever find yourself envying someone else's bod and wondering what they eat??


  1. Hey Sweetie, love the pic of you and the girls!!!!! I need some Girls Nites Out in my life, or just Girls Lunches Out, haha! Anyway, the TJ's pizza action is a hit with my little one. I actually buy the appetizer/mini cheese pizzas for her. 1 or 2 is the perfect toddler size and they're vegetarian cuz they're only cheese and she loves them. Woo hoo to TJ's. I have never tried those pretzel thingeys b/c I am GF and so can't partake sadly but I wish cuz they look awesome! And you are sooooo right not to compare with gym lady. I wrote a post a couple days ago on not comparing. You are so right that we're all on our path and what works for one may or may not work for someone else. Been enjoying your posts lately :)

  2. Your confession is something I am notorious for. Usually it's not because I want to implement whatever they do, it's because I'm so damn curious! Like my sister for example. She is very thin and the way she stays that way is by having coffee for breakfast, yogurt for lunch, and like pizza (or whatever she is in the mood for) for dinner. So yea, I'm there with you!

    Foods are looking awesome! So glad you found some peace with your way of eating and are happy! You look fabulous so it must be working :)

  3. Those chocolate covered pretzels look so good! I definitely couldn't keep them in the house!

  4. That is why I never buy pretzels...epsecially ones covered in dark chocolate. :)

    Love that breakfast Justine - glad a little dairy doesn't bother your belly. Your divided pizza is cracking me up. If I ever come over for dinner, you're going to have to make the hummus covered portion a lot bigger!

    Had a blast last night - happy to see all your teeth in place today. ;)

  5. you gals are adorable! yay for doing what works for you...unfortunately, i need to get portion control to work for me :)

    love you lady, have a good day!

  6. YOU have the most gorgeous HAIR!! it's soooo shiny and perfect! is it ok to ask what kind of shamp/conditioner you use?!? I have also noticed that 1 serving of greek yogurt doesn't bother my lactose intolerance self either! And I actually had a lady ask me what my daily meal plan while we were in spin class the other completely caught me off guard, but I'm also curious what others eat sometimes too..everyone has a different approach and it's just so interesting! I hope you have a great hump day!!

  7. yay for you for trying new foods! I can't imagine life without cottage cheese or greek yogurt :)
    I know what you mean about asking other people about their diet/exercise. There is a girl at work who I know works out, but she's so lean I want to ask her what she eats! Crazy! I also had to take a step back and accept that I am eating the best I can for ME. I second the beautiful hair comment :)

  8. ya there is a bod I envy at the gym.. tall and so lean with the prettiest long black hair.. I do wonder what she eats..hmm...

    oh and thanks a bunch for telling me I had a piece of the greens stuck in my teeth.. saw it last night when I got home.. you can totally see it in your pic too!!

  9. aw, i love reading your blog! It sounds like such a fun blogger meet up i need to find some Minnesotan bloggers.

    I like your confession because I KNOW what you mean! I am not self-conscious about my bod anymore, but some girls have like "whoah" outstanding figures and I just want to know if they have to try really hard.... like I have to. Haha.

    Not that I would succumb to eating steamed chicken breasts and drinking diet coke.

    Have a great night!

  10. I just post about how what works to other might not work for us (aka. my raw food experience).
    I'm glad that your belly is indulging dairy again, I should try to incorporate it back too! Greek yogurt is sooooo good! :)

    fun girls date! You girls are so pretty! why would you envy others when you look so pretty! :D

  11. Oooh those pretzels sound fabulous!

    I love how you have two different topping on your slices of toast, I do that all the time :)

    About your confession-I used to think this too, and I still do now, but I try not to. I start reading some people's blogs for that purpose and then catch myself. I like to read blogs more for inspiration and bonding (with those who have the same interest) now!

  12. oh i do that all the time. but like you said the same thing doesn't work for everyone. she might be naturally lean as well. you never know. just keep doing you. because you are fab :)your bfast looks yummy. all my fav things.

  13. Hey Justine! So fun to meet you and the other girls on tuesday!! Mandy does have perfect hair, LOL, but so do you!

    There is this lady at my gym that is probably like 40, and she's got a better body than anyone else there. I am always tempted to ask her what kind of workout routine/diet she follows! I'm like, I want my butt to look like that when I'm 40!

  14. I used to see the same woman at the gym everytime I was there. She was so toned and her arms and abs were perfect! I always wanted to ask what she ate to look that way. She did tell me once that she was training fro competition. I realized that she probably didn't look as perfect all the time. I caught her very close to a competion.

  15. I don't ask what other people eat, but I like to secretly keep tabs on what my friends eat when we go out.

  16. You mean to tell me everyone doesn't do that?!


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