Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Steam Me Up Buttercup...

....squash that is (aka: kabocha). I have to say thank you for all the cooking suggestions for my yummy kabocha squash. I finally decided to depart from my beloved fry form and try something new....
Per your suggestions, I steamed that baby. Look at the yumminess...
I love the thick soft texture of this type of squash. What is your favorite type of squash?

I ate my squash with a salad, some roasted turkey, and a huge mug of pumpkin spice tea...
I seasoned the squash with salt, stevia, cinnamon, and chili powder...
That's not all I did with steamed squash. I also made some souffles based off of a recipe I found online. I healthified and veganized it. Here is one of the souffles I made topped with dark chocolate chips and almond butter (Friday night sweet tooth)....

This is the recipe I based them off of. Like I said I changed some things but they still turned out really really yummy!!

I have been enjoying so much food and variety lately that it really is a shame that I cant share it all with everyone but I can share a few of my Hot Cereals in a jar...
That is Bobs Red Mill Gluten Free Hot Cereal with my two favorite nut butters, Trader Joe's Raw Unsalted Almond Butter and Kroger Natural Peanut Butter.

Hope all you lovelies had a great weekend. I had an awesome Saturday with no hubby, no little one, lots of shopping and lots of mojitos made my way...
So, probably too many mojitos but hey, it happens :)

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I totally got into a facebook fight with a relative over a picture of someones hair. I made a comment about this pic...
I think I said "amazing hair". Totally not meaning to offend. I really was captured by it (I suck at doing hair). Then the person commented back saying that she was a hair dresser and liked big hair. I replied by saying "obviously". Which then the next day I was greeted with a message in my inbox saying how rude I was and that I shouldn't judge other people and if I cant say anything nice than blah, blah, blah....

Anyway, I just wanted to ask you all, do you think my comments were rude and judgemental? I didn't mean them that way. I am a very blunt and honest person. I guess it could be a character flaw but I see it more as a personality trait :).


  1. Ooh... can you post your measurements for your mojitos? I love those things :)

    My favorite squash is kobocha, I think... I've only tried it once. I'm having trouble finding another one :(

  2. I still haven't tried kabocha, but those organic acorn squashes have been an awesome deal at the store lately, so I have been enjoying those.

    Wrong person to ask on the hair, I am known for being really honest and blunt too :)

  3. I hate texting and writing comments online because the tone can be taken in so many ways. :(

    PS - what is that steamer thing?! It looks amazing! I have one of those metal steamers that you insert in a pot of boiling water...

  4. oye that hair!! can't believe you posted the pic.. I assume they don't read the blog! so funny

    the squash (of course)looks delish, esp. the souffle, def. have to try that..

  5. My favorite squash is definitely kabocha too! So yummy! I'm having it for lunch in 30 minutes :)

    Do I spy pumpkin spice tea? Gotta get some before the season ends!

    I agree with Tasha, it is hard to know what the person meant without hearing or seeing them, so it can be tough! I don't think you're a rude person at all, in fact, I think you're very sweet, so don't take the comment to heart!

  6. She looks like she could kick my ass, so I probably wouldn't have said anything about the hair (which she OBviously took great pains to style a la the "bump it")...but I'm usually pretty blunt. However, tones can SO get misconstrued via e-mail and texts, so I can see how that might have touched a nerve.

    Send her some of that sinful squash/almond butter/chocolate mess you made and all will be well. That looks amazing!

  7. Hey girl, first, thanks for your nice comments on my bloggie the past few days. They have been fully noticed and appreciated. So thank you :)

    Next the hair comment...girl, hair is so personal and you pretty much can't say anything about another woman's hair and not have someone get offended about it. Even if that wasn't your intention. No, you werent being rude or judgmental, a bit blunt maybe :) but not rude. But what's even more interesting is that someone took the time to write you a full email over a little FB comment you made. I wish they could give me some of that time they have on their hands :) LOL

    Anyway hon, your food pics look great and I am not a huge squash-variety kind of girl. Butternut and that's about it...but I would like to branch out.

  8. butternut is my fav. but they are all great, lol

  9. I think they definitely took it a little far, but maybe it wouldn't been taken better without the obviously ;) Haha, but I know you didn't mean it to be rude so it's just what comes with the internet. No one can tell our tones sometimes! Don't worry about it :) You're too sweet :)

    Mmm that squash looks fabulous!
    <3 jess

  10. Sorry Justine, but I can't help but laugh at your "obviously" response. That is so you, and I know you didn't mean anything by it, but I could see how someone might take that the wrong way. That being said, she "obviously" knew she might have gotten a little too heavy-handed with the comb and the Aqua Net.

    How does the Bob's Red Mill gluten free hot cereal taste? I've been curious about that one.

    I'm coming over for mojitos!

  11. I love butternut squash the best!!

    I'm a no-nonsense gal (just posted about that, actually, haha), so I would have said the same thing about the hair ;)

  12. Sweet souffle! I still haven't tried kabocha but I'm dying too!

  13. girl, i am with you on the hair! what's with people getting so touchy about honesty, and through facebook? lame. that lady needs a what not wear and stat!

    love you justine!

  14. KABOCHA!! I loooove it. And a souffle? That sounds awesome. Aw I want to make mojitos now :D

    I feel like facebook, and internet stuff, and text messages can lead to so much miscommunication. GAH!

  15. Hey there Justine!! YAY for this post. I totally went STRAIGHT for the recipe because your dessert looks fantastic! I’ve officially bookmarked it and will hopefully make it the next time I buy some kabocha! I love it the way you made it though – steamed! I eat it as if it were rice. Hahaha
    P.s. I'm hosting a ZenSoy pudding and soy milk giveaway, so hope you stop by if you're interested! :) Happy hump day!!

  16. jeez. It's just hair! lol! Total unnecessary drama from that person. I believe you didn't mean it as an insult!

    Oh, and kabocha is FREAKING awesome. I use it in almost all my recipes, and I'm stoked that you love it too! :-)

  17. Hmmm...my mom has owned her own salon since '87 and her hair hasn't been that big since '89. ;)

  18. Justine! Long time no read ;)
    You know, I think it's clear from your blog that you are an honest, open person. I always that Mother Teresea quote that you contribute as much suffering to the world when you take offense as when you give it. People can choose not to be offended by something. I think people need to lighten up with comments about hair. Geez.

  19. kabocha is my favorite right now. i want to try a spaghetti squash tho.


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