Saturday, October 24, 2009

Apples and Beef

...exciting title isn't it? I am sure all the vegetarians and vegans just clicked away. hehe (LOVE YOU GUYS :)!!!!

Hello all of you beautiful, happy people!!! Happy Saturday :).

Thank you all so much for your suggestions on apple desserts and head zits. hehe I did decide on a dessert after much deliberation. After blogging I saw an updated post from Healthy. Happy. Life. It was an interview with Karina Allrich of Karina's Kitchen website is the "Gluten-Free Goddess". I searched her blog, key word "apple" and was intrigued to find this recipe. Of course I had to make some alterations to make it fit my pantry, I used all apples, orange juice, regular sugar and honey, and ww pancake mix, and added raisins to the filling and walnuts to the crust but it turned out fab!! Thanks so much for the amazing recipe Karina!!
Fresh out the oven

Bubbling hot

The man said, and I quote "This is good, this is really good. This is the best dessert you have made in a long time." I didn't know whether to take offense or be happy. :) hehe Heres his yummy bowl...

I have been cooking a lot of random stuff lately not really going with a recipe but just by what sounds good to me. I made burgers the other night for the fam and put some of the meat aside for me because I was craving lettuce wraps. My concoction hit the spot!


  • 6 oz Laura's Lean ground beef
  • 1/3 of a onion chopped
  • 1 tsp. finely chopped fresh ginger
  • 1 grated carrot
  • few shakes of garlic powder
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 1/2 tsp. cashew butter
  • 1 tsp. coconut oil
  • few dashes of low sodium soy sauce
Add coconut oil to hot skillet and melt. Add beef stirring and breaking up until just browned. Drain. Add onions carrot and ginger and saute about 3-4 min. Reduce heat to low and stir in garlic powder, s&p, soy sauce, and then cashew butter. Stir until well mixed.

Serve in your favorite lettuce.

I served mine in romaine boats and added a little more soy sauce to finish it off...
Absolutely Delish!!

In another quick snip it of news my little one won her 6 and under softball tournament and I was super proud of her and her teammates...
Ready for action

Showing of her championship metal

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend. Anybody watching the UT vs. Alabama game this weekend?

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I have been having an internal struggle with exercise lately and whether or not I am doing to much. How do you know when enough exercise is enough or if you are doing to much? How many times a week do you all feel is adequate?

Looking froward to hearing your thoughts :)


  1. Awesome recipes!

    I listen to my body nowadays, and move accordingly. I struggle with moving too MUCH, so I'm working on relaxing more.

  2. I work out 4x a week. 45 minutes of cardio with 15 minutes of weights each day!

  3. I started reading Karina's blog years ago, before I knew what a blog was, haha. I need to try that recipe!

    I've been struggling with the right amount of exercise for years. I love to exercise and feel blah without it, but I have health issues (back pain), so my parent really hate it if I go along (they think it's going to trigger it more). I'm just trying to find the right balance now and am doing light cardio ~40 minutes 4xs a week (usually a mix of elliptical and walking) and yoga twice a week. Good luck!

  4. Love the looks of your baked apple dessert! Yummmy! Men are so face-value. I would take his compliment as such. He doesnt get that implied in that compliment could potentially be a slam towards your past recipes. Their brains do not go that deep.

    Beef wraps. Well, raw vegan here, and I do the same thing with ground almonds, and other veggies too, and put it in romaine boats.

    Your little girl has gotten sooooo big since the last pic I saw. I swear she looks a year older in just a few months. Wow time flies!


  5. Hey J,
    Your body will tell you if you're doing too much. Weight gain? Restless sleep? Heart rate elevating too quickly when you're working out? Exhausted? Workouts seem more difficult, etc? Just listen to your heart and the rest of your muscles rather than your mind.

    Your apple recipe looks divine. Love any kind of warm apple cake or crisp, and in reference to your last post, I am dousing everything in ketchup these days including my roasted veggies. Totally grosses CD out, and he can't even look at me while I eat them. Makes for some interesting dinner conversation.

    Many congrats to the Little One. :)

  6. I think the exercise question depends on your lifestyle and your reason for exercise. If it's not interfering with a balanced life and you are exercising because you truly love the activities that you're doing, I don't see a problem with 6 times a week...but everyone is different. ;)

  7. HA. Okay. Just read this after my last comment. Clearny my apple idea was not so original ;) Sorry. It looks great!

    Never had a problem with over-exercise unfortuantely :(

  8. That apple dish looks so yum! Total comfort dish :-)

  9. your girl is such a cutie! both recipes look awesome. the apple thang with some whipped cream...drool......

  10. OMG...those softball pictures are PRICELESS! she is sooo gorgeous - you are so going to have to watch out in about 10 years!

    apple crumble + beef wraps = amazing. at first i thought there was beef in the apple recipe, and i was like...WTF?!?!

    haha...i think we all ebb and flow with exercise. i would just do it when you feel like, and if you don't, take a week off or so. sometimes that is exactly what i need to get back on track!

  11. Girlfriend it has been far too long since I've commented - I'm BACK!

    I've got a ton'o apples in my fridge right now just begging to be turned into some fab apple dessert - thanks for the linkage!

    Congrats to your little one for winning her softball game, she looks like such a serious player in that pic! Love it!

  12. I agree with Heather.... listen to your body before listen to your mind to know how much workout you need. There were days that I workout out 5 days a week because i thought I had to, but actually now that I just move around, a lot of long walks, and whenever I can do some cardio like jogging or elliptical, I enjoy it more. :)

  13. I train anywhere from 4-6 days a week, but as others have said, your body (and mind) will tell you when it's too much. Out of curiosity, how much exercise do you do and what sort?


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