Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'll Drink To That!

*Disclaimer* I apologize in advance for the excessive amount of pics but I got a new camera (me clapping hands and jumping up and down for joy). No, its not an slr but its not to late to take it back. I am just giving it a test drive :)

So I have been meaning to do the rest of my review for the wonderful products I won in Averie's Zevia giveaway like ages ago and I am finally here to do it. You can find some of my review here and more here.

These are two more flavors...
Well, I cant lie......I loved them both. Honestly! I will start with the Black Cherry. The first thing I loved about the Black Cherry was that it was clear. I am such a freak about my teeth and drank everything through a straw and it was a nice surprise to see that this was clear. The second thing was that it did taste just like black cherry soda expect it didn't have that super sweet sugary taste that makes me gag if I drink real soda. Third, it tastes good with Bacardi :), don't judge!

As a kid I always loved Root Beer and while this was good it just wasn't the same but it is definitely great if you are trying to deter a craving for the real thing. Zevia, are you listening to me we need a Cream Soda flavor!!

Unfortunately my hubby ever so rudely drank the Cola flavor while I was not home. I am not going to tell you what he said because I feel his palate varies greatly from most of ours :). hehehehe

I am going to have to say my fav was the Orange.

On to some more beverages of my choice. If you know me you know I love me some kombucha. GT's Kombucha to be exact :). A while back the Millennium company ever so kindly sent me a butt load of of coupons so I could try out several of their flavors. Well, that's exactly what I did. Check it...
I really love the bottles and don't want to throw them away. They are so pretty! Twist your head to the right for this one....
OK, so I am going to spare you every last detail of the flavors. Basically there are a lot of fruit flavors that pretty much all taste the same to me...

and then there are these babies.... favorite flavors so far by a mile!! The one on the left tastes like a yummy tea and well the one on the right tastes just like its name, DIVINE!!

Now, I will leave you with my latest obsession (you must try this if you like ketchup), roasted veggies (yes, that's kabocha in there) smothered in ketchup...
More of that red goodness was added after the pic

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I get zits on my head. Not my face (well, that too) but my actual head. Like, in my hair!! Gross I know. Anyone else have this problem? Or is it just weirdo me? I think its from sweating a lot while my hair is in a pony tail. Ugh, they hurt!!!

P.S. I have some apples that desperately need to be used. Anybody got a good dessert recipe using apples for me??? Looking for something semi healthy :)


  1. Fabulous beverage stash! :)

    ***Great apple recipes:

  2. Normally when I have apples that need to be used, I make an apple crumble...I just peel and slice the apples, put them in a glass baking dish with a little water, cinnamon, vanilla and a few squirts of agave...then i make it a "crumble" by sprinkling a few handfuls of granola or crushed cereal on top...bake it at 375 until the apples are soft! super easy and delicious!

  3. I've got a good zit solution for you: BANGS!

  4. ahhhh i need the black cherry zevia in my life!

  5. Try THIS: (It's healthy!)

  6. I was worried at first what the post was going to be about when you said "I'll drink to that" whew.. good to know its only Zevia and Kombucha!

    I have a $25 bottle of dog shampoo that you can borrow for your pimple head if you like..hehe..

  7. haha. Head zits. I hate them!! I used to make a really tasty raw apple pie... Just use ground yellow flax, agave, tahini, salt, and vanilla extract as a crust..... and top that will some sliced apples. You don't need too much of the crust because it is rich. Add lots of cinnamon/nutmeg/spice as you like. It's so good!! I hope I am not missing any ingredients. Otherwise a raw apple crumble sounds great.

  8. raw vegan apple crumble!

    Crust is almonds and oats and dates. Topping is oats + agave. You can use as much (or none) brown sugar as you wish. And if you don't have dates on hand, just use agave for the crust. So freakin delish girl, I tell you, I buy apples just for it :)

    And thanks for the shoutout! Glad you enjoyed he orange, that's my fave too :)

    And your zits on head...I never used to get anything remotely like that but ever since living in warm places, I need to be really good about washing my scalp really well and if I do that, then it's fine. In fact, I made it too dry sometimes and then I am almost like dandruff. Can't win LOL


  9. Love Kombucha!

    When I'm lazy I just love to slice and apple and eat it with a really, really good hard cheese. My favorite with apple is parrano. Seriously, nothing is better. I think I'll go have one right now.....

  10. Those pictures look great! So light.

    My father (who is addicted to both veggies and ketchup) would love that dish!

  11. Ooo you should make baked apple. Actually check out this post for a delicious looking recipe!!

    Take care!

  12. I just discovered one in my hair today! Ugh. I just take a dab of my exfoliating face wash and cleanse my scalp where the zit is....they go away in a few days.

  13. i know there are ton of healthy apple recipes. but i'm just goingto say i heard someone was making a pumpkin/apple pie and almost fainted :)

  14. Try a vinegar rinse for your zitto!

  15. I think it's possible to make a pretty healthy apple crisp...just some oats, a little brown sugar and a margarine/soy margarine of your choice. Easy peasy!

  16. I love Synergy Kombucha! I've been drinking that stuff for ages. Their Guava Goddess is my personal fave. The only criticism I have of that stuff is that the bottles EXPLODE the first time you open them. I always have paper towels handy when I'm enjoying one, ha.


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