Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Wanna see how trick mine out? I mean, 1 serving is like 10 puffin biscuits, hardly enough to fulfill my puffin needs so I pimp mine out.....
I has this one this morning. Its one serving on PB Puffins, 1 serving of Kashi Warm Cinnamon, chunk of chopped banana, almond butter, almond milk and on the side is Fage mixed with stevia and dark choc. cocoa powder. MMmmmmm!!!!!!
Closer look

Next up is tricked out double Puffin love...
That's my new favorite Puffins, Honey Rice (go buy these you wont be sorry, they are way better than Kashi Honey Sunshine!), 1 serving PB Puffins, Crunchy Kroger PB, bananas, almond milk and cinnamon on top along with a side of Oikios with dark choc. cocoa powder and stevia.
Close up

This is bowl of detox Puffins after a brutal night out with some pals....
In the bowl in an unmeasured amount of puffins, PB, banana and cinnamon and almond milk and a side of my new favorite Kombucha.

Here's 2 more pimped out bowl of my Puffs...
1 serving Puffs, banana, PB, Greek yog., almond milk and cinnamon

Puffins, pear, apple, banana, PB, almond milk, cinnamon

*Big shout to Kroger for putting all your Puffins on sale for a $1.99!!!!!

My pantry looks like a Puffin factory. Do any of you pimp out your Puffins? Or any cereal for that matter? Tell me your favorite mixtures. I am all ears :) :)

Also, I just want to say Honey, I love and you, I am so glad we found each other, I could never imagine being married to a better husband/dad. I am so glad we have made it these 5 years and I cant wait to spend 100 more with you!!!

Special date planned tonight for the hubs and I. Cant wait!!!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I am having dessert tonight (not that kind you dirty girl! Well, ya I am but that's not what I meant) and I am not going to fell guilty about it!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!

    I dont know why I cry when I read it's someone else's anniversary. I am built like a Hallmark card...I just start crying happy tears at the drop of a hat :) What a sweet note to your man! Congrats you two!!!!

    We've been married almost 9, together 10+ and I cant imagine life any other way, but as you know, it's not always roses or anything but I love when I know people are really in love and you guys sound so happy :)

    Honey Puffins? Never knew. We are fans of the PB ones. Thanks for the tip!

    Enjoy your nite out mama, and the dessert too!!!!!

  2. Awww... have fun tonight with the hubs!! Congrats on the five years!

    Puffins are on sale at Kroger???!?? SCORE... I have to go today! :)

    Heck no... HAVE DESSERT!!! It's your anniversary!!! Enjoy it!

  3. Justine,
    You and your Puffins. I love it! Haven't bought any in so long, but I'm loving cold cereal these days. Will have to pick up some of the Honey Rice.

    Can't wait to hear about your dinner tonight, and yes get dessert! The serving sizes at Park are not overwhelming, and the desserts are not too much. The perfect size.

    By the way, Costco is now selling plain Fage. 32 ounce container for under $7. So peeved they didn't have it when I was obsessed with the stuff...well, that's probably a good thing - I would have been buying containers like crazy.

  4. wow.. someone needs a Puffin intervention!! no, no just joking.. everything looks yummy, I have to try the honey rice kind. don't think I've ever seen it in the store.yum..

    have a great time tonight.. and you'd better have dessert lady! you've earned it!

  5. Aww, happy anniversary!
    I always trick out cereal - I usually add lots of kamut puffs, which have 50 calories in a cup. Then I do toppings like yogurt, pb, etc. Yum :)

  6. Ahhh that is the oNE flavor of puffins I have never tried but would LOVE to try soon! I love mixing pb puffins with kashi high fiber cereal and some regular plain old puffins. It's a wonderful sensation of crunchy and soft and puffy and dense. On the bottom of my bowl, there's always gonna be frozen strawberries and then everything is topped with vanilla milk of some sort! heaven!!

    Congratulations on 5 years Justine!!! That really is wonderful and it speaks a lot to the strength of your marriage and the relationship you have with your hubby. Your little one is so lucky to have parents like you and your husband!! Have so much fun tonight!!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and the husband!
    I hope you enjoyed your dessert :)

  8. I don't mean to shock you, but I've never had Puffins! They're never on sale, for one, and I usually just pimp out my plain shredded wheat with many of your usual suspects. I think you could put Greek yogurt or almond butter on a bowl of those styrofoam packing peanuts and it would taste awesome (not recommended, by the way).

    Happy Anniversary! Enjoy "dessert"...

  9. I haven't had puffins in sooo long!! All your combos look amaaazing. I love the idea of cocoa powder in greek yogurt too!

  10. your yog messes all look great!

  11. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, AND HAPPY NO-GUILT DESSERT! that's how life should be!

    ummm know how much i LOVE a good yog mess :)

  12. Enjoy your anniversary night and no dessert guilt! Enjoy it--mmm!

    Must go to Kroger to see if Puffins are on sale at mine!! Haha, love what you did with them!!
    <3 jess

  13. You can't go wrong with peanut butter, bananas, kombucha, or Greek yogurt...yum

  14. I love all these bowls of pimped out puffins! And what a great idea to make your Greek yogurt chocolatey :D

  15. Those are some seriously tricked out cereal puffs worthy of an anniversary celebration!

  16. that breaky looks simply amazing!


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