Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Not So Much About Food..

Thanks for all your support and positive comments on my last post about my decision to not stay raw and instead eat what keeps me sane :). I am really enjoying not being so restricted and I am also trying things I never would have before. In the midst of eating what I want and not doing so much thinking about my next meal I realized I have a slight lack of food pictures but I do have some others that you might find entertaining.

Quickly back to things I don't normally eat. I recently decided to branch out and pick up some of these babies that everyone seems to love...
I am so not a bar person and I have always been afraid of so many calories in such a small package but I am loving these babies and instead of trying to replace a meal or snack with them I have using them as a dessert. I love the Apple Pie. Cherry Pie was great also, Chocolate Mole just so-so. Cant wait to try the Lemon Bar. I love lemon dessert stuff :).

Since I don't have anymore food pics I thought Id entertain you with some pics of a weekend surprise birthday party I attended. The birthday girl and her hubby walking up to the party...
The birthday girl and her hubs...
The beautiful family built party area we hung out in...
What is it with boys, alcohol, and wrestling??...
Don't worry he prefers the opposite sex....Me and the birthday girl...
(Wow my tan looks dirty!! haha)

Well, I have a busy week and weekend ahead of me so I don't know how much I will be posting but I know you wont miss me too terribly :). Hopefully I can get in a recipe this week.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I like using men's deodorant and anti-perspiring and plus I am that stinky!! :)

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  1. That's a really good idea to use Larabars as a dessert! Sweet and also substantial enough to ward off post-dessert snacking ;)

    Sometimes I steal my hubby's deoderant when I need some extra omph, too!

  2. Ooh, mens deodorant. I've never thought of using that for my nasty sweat problem.

  3. Apple pie was my first Lara love! It's been replaced by the coconut cream pie hunk of heaven ;)

    Looks like a fun party!!

  4. Good for you! You've gotta find what works for you and it's different for everyone :) I've used men's deodorant before too, haha. Have a great day!

  5. Thanks for the linkey to my Zevia contest! And thanks for updating your blogroll and becoming a follower and all of those lovely entries you did...I hope you can win yourself some Zevia!

    Anyway, I am not a huge bar person either but lately I have been using them as dessert with sunbutter on them. Or just plain. But yeah, 200 calories for 3 bites sometimes just doesn't seem worth it to me either....I hear ya.

    Anyway though I am glad you're finding some peace with your eating mo-jo...here's to findin' what works for you!

  6. That's the way I have decided to eat Larabars too! They do NOT fill me up enough to be a significant part of a meal but crumbled in yogurt or mushed up banana? Amazing.

  7. LOVING the tan! it doesn't look dirty! and thats great that you are trying out all the delicious bars! I can't wait to hear which ones are your favorite! hope your having a great tuesday chica!!!

  8. I thought I was the only one who ate Larabars as desserts :) I especially love the cashew cookie and pb cookie! Oh, and the coconut of course, hehe.

    Yeah, you would think that boys would get mature over the years, but nope. Never happens.

    I'm glad that the not eating raw and eating intuitively thing is working out :)

  9. ha ha. i use mens deodorant and body wash too. why is theirs works better? i really enjoy the larabars. try the jocolat one warmed up, it's like a brownie :)

  10. surprise parties are the best! and yes, i have been known to use men's products too. sometimes i think the people that makes women's think we are dainty or something - we need heavy duty protection too!


  11. Yummmmm; I love Larabars...I'm so jealous...they're my clients favorites!!!! Enjoy!!!

  12. Welcome to world of bars Cherry Pie Larabars are my favorite. Kind of tart. Love them. Cashew cookie is good if you want a little extra sweetness.

    My face always looks dirty when I get tan, and I get all these freckles right above my lip. Looks like I have a moustache.

  13. Have you tried making your own lara bars? you definitely should!! see here http://ohsheglows.com/2008/12/06/chocolate-chip-cookie-homemade-larabar-recipe/


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