Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh No She Di'in't!!!

Eat a burger for breakfast.....

  • 1 extra lean ground beef patty
  • 2 slices expensive as shit spelt bread
  • tomato
  • spinach
  • avocado
  • ketchup
  • broccoli

Mmhmm, Oh yes I did!!

As most of you know I am not practicing raw/food combining anymore. A lot of you wondered what my reasoning was and I though about dedicating a whole long post to it but really the reasons are pretty clear cut and simple so I wont go on and on.
  1. It was becoming entirely to restrictive which led me to want/crave the "forbidden". Which then led to me eating those things and other things I wouldn't even normally eat.
  2. Ever since starting I have been on a constant up hill slide of weight gain.
  3. I feel my ideal body is something more in this area...
and I just don't feel that raw/food combining is going to help me get there any time soon :).

I am sure I could think of more reasons but I don't feel like it. The process wasn't all bad because I did cut out oats because of it and almost all the tummy troubles I have had for the last 3 years have virtually disappeared. Yes, I know oats!! I still don't know if it just the oats of maybe a gluten thing?? So sorry no yummy delicious bowls around here anymore :( but that doesn't mean I still cant enjoy grains in a jar...
Quinoa blended dry and then cooked with water, cinnamon, vanilla, stevia and banana. Mango and more banana added after cooking.

Right now I am just trying to stay away from oats and most things that contain gluten but I am enjoying all other things with no limitation on things like carbs, fats, protein etc... I am just rolling with the flow and eating what I want, like...
This is a bowl of puffins with coconut milk, blueberries, cinnamon and peanut butter. Can you believe this is my first bowl of cereal in about 2 years!!!?

A yummy smoothie made with Grape Kombucha, frozen cherries, mango and lime sparkling water...
Kombucha is my new favorite smoothie ingredient!

Over priced purple sweet potato with peanut butter...
With a salad...
While chillin at the pool with these crazies...

I also made some yummy fish tacos...
Before I go some of you asked me why I made a Raw Brownie Pie and not a real one in my last post. Honestly, it is just that damn good!! And who says I cant enjoy raw treats still? I have always eaten lots of raw food in my life and just because I am not doing raw/food combining doesn't mean I still cant enjoy all the raw yummy treats and meals. Plus this is a heath blog isn't it? I much prefer the raw pie anyway :).

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I have a really nasty bad habit of not washing my fruits and veggies before eating them. Yes, I am that lazy!! haha If I am feeding guests I almost always wash the goods but when it comes to myself it always goes straight to my mouth :o!!!


  1. I love how I always agree with your confessions. I never wash produce, unless you can actually see the dirt on it and it's for other people. If it has dirt on it and it's for me... I just eat it. I am so so lazy.

    Yeah, oats are apparently what make me bloaty too. It freakin sucks. And kabocha!! I feel like everything starchy just makes me puff up.

  2. i dont wash my produce either unless i see dirt on it.. my oh my we are lazy! lol

    yea definitely dont force your body to do things you dont want it to do.. its just not worth it in the long run!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the oats issue :( I hope it resolves your tummy issues though. The quinoa mixture still sounds delicious!

    Kombucha smoothie sounds amazing. Anything Kombucha is awesome to me, haha.

    Fish tacos look totally yum!

  4. Kombucha in a smoothie?? Brilliant!!!!

    Um yeah... I kind of "wipe" off my apples before I eat them... but I don't wash them all the time. But for Maddie, I wouldn't hesitate!

  5. Hey mama, thanks for posting about your food decisions and I think it's awesome you're moving towards something that you believe is going to work better for you and ditchin' what aint workin. For me, raw food and vegan works. For some people it doesnt. For me, I am also gluten, soy, and dairy free for the past 3+ years. Honestly, prior to eliminating those things in my life, I spent my entire life in the bathroom or with bloating and just not a pretty all. My body cannot process those things. I do still eat oats b/c oats don't inherently have gluten in them, however, unless you buy certified GF oats, like Bob's Red Mill, the regular oats like Quaker will be cross-contaminated with gluten. So maybe if you are totally craving oats, try Bob's Red Mill GF. It's what I do. However, some people simply cannot tolerate certain grains. Oats are the only grain I really can do and nothing with gluten, i.e. barley, spelt, ezekial stuff, etc. Sorry for the novel but it took me decades and thousands of dollars at a naturopath to finally figure out what worked for me. I totally wish you nothing but perfect health and to find your own personal foodie path :)

    hugs to ya!
    (and I'm glad you enjoyed the raw pie!)

  6. I totally love this confession, because sometimes I feel so guilty. I do wash my fruits and veggies most of the time, but sometimes with pre-packaged spinach or organic romaine, I just throw it in the bowl. If I see dirt, I rinse, otherwise I'm just a wild rebel.

  7. thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings about food combining/raw. It's good that you realized it wasn't for you and decided to stop doing it.
    So interesting to know that oats bloat you up.. I need to re-check this out with my belly again.... it reminds me some bad days that feel bloated after it too.
    Love that over-priced purple sweet potato with PB.... yum yum~~~

    your confession is so fun but so human.. there's day that I'm so lazy to wash an apple before eating it... but I guess I'm a freak... I'd go back to kitchen to wash it after my first bite.

  8. I'm glad you figured out the oats/stomach thing! No gluten sucks, but constant digestion issues are worse, for sure. Burgers are good anytime of day!

    I am terrible with washing produce...unless they LOOK dirty, I chomp away. And so far have lived to tell the tale ;)

  9. I can't tell you the last time I had a bowl of cereal. It never holds me over. I keep meaning to add yogurt instead of milk, but I'm too lazy to try :)

  10. I can't do oats either--even gluten free ones. I can have them sometimes,only if they are soaked and blended, but that is even questionable with my gut. I eat quinoa flakes(raw:)soaked with some other things over night and seem to do fine with that. Pretty much ALL other grains are a no-no for me. It really stinks, but I would rather feel good than be in pain all the time.

    Glad you are finding what is working for you. I thought high-raw was making me crave all sorts of 'illegal' foods, only to find out that it was my hormones!! Working on fixing that and am able to do almost all raw with no problemo:) I am doing raw to heal my gut--otherwise, I don't know that I would stick with it:)Happy eating!!

  11. Glad to hear you've had some self-realizations about what you gotta do to get to where you wanna go :) Quinoa is something I really have to get around to trying. Giirl, I love cereal! The only problem is that they're usually not filling for me.. guess that just means double helpings hehehe.

    The purple sweet potato looks crazy good by the way!

    p.s. I don't wash my fruits or veggies either before I eat them. I think being really sterile actually makes you more prone to getting ill. So not being a clean freak is a good thing lol

  12. hehehe ok that was me (or at least one of) who commented on the raw brownies. I guess that's just a testament as to how good they are! And I agree, I've always enjoyed raw foods.

    Love the kid pics! Especially with one with the bucket on her head. ;)

  13. liberation!!! lol. you still eat damn healthy so i really dont think you should worry about it. you know what is best for.that is sad there will be no oats, but cool your tummy feels better. asfor the fruit/veggie delima, i usually try to wash allmy produce as soon as i bring it home. that way if i don't rinse it off before i eat it i don't feel too bad.

  14. Good to know I'm not the only one that doesn't wash produce. At most, I run it under some hot water and wipe it off with a paper towel. I've seen veggie disinfectant in the store. Who buys that?

    Yes, I like your ideal goal, and honestly, I don't think raw foods will get you there. Eat that burger my friend and ENJOY every last bite.

    So, no tummy troubles with the quinoa? CD surprised me with huge bag of the stuff...Costco now carries it. He was so excited. Made me close my eyes before presenting it to me. Let me know if you need any.

  15. if you're trying to avoid gluten i know bob's red mill has gluten free oats...i get the vibe they're sold all over? (bob's is a whole like 15 miles from me, so I have no clue what it's like other places, but i've seen bloggers all over eat brm stuff...)

  16. i am glad you have found something that works for YOU. rock on burger for breakfast. although, that is horrid on the oats. you move on...that quinoa mix looks amazing!

    much love my girl...have a wonderful night :)

  17. Hey, breakfast looks good to me! Get those veggies and protein in right away ;)

    I agree with everyone else that it's great you are doing what works best for you. I feel that's what we're all after, anyway, just figuring out our own personal best life (as Oprah would say!).

    I try to rinse my produce but I'm not that great about it either. I would never use that spray stuff at the store...seems like it could do more harm than good!

  18. I totally am right there with you! :) I understand and respect your decision! Love your breakfast!
    <3 jess

  19. I am bad about washing but only for me- just like you, I always wash produce for company and my hubby. Me? Not always.

    And it's good that you're listening to your body. Very smart.

  20. oh oh tell me more about cutting out oats!