Monday, August 17, 2009

Go Titans!!

I had another crazy busy weekend, minus Friday and Saturday :). Thanks to my lovely parents, the man and I came upon some tickets to the first Tennessee Titans preseason home game. We started of with dinner with my parents at this new pizza joint in town called Brixx. I ordered the hummus app. and instead if the white pita I requested the ww pizza dough for dipping (warning most of these pics were taken with a cell phone)...
I believe it was black bean hummus, red pepper hummus and regular. Yum, the four of us ate it up!! My mom and I also split the veggie pizza. Her side was vegan cheese and my side had no cheese. I ate 2 slices and boxed the rest for later...
I also had a glass of Riesling.

Next we headed of down town for some pregame drinking. We meet up with my brother and sister in law a bar next to the stadium...
Bacardi and water in hand
We also meet up with some more peeps outside the stadium. Here's the view from the top or our section...

We stayed until the end of the 3rd quarter and then headed on the long walk down town to our car (where I finished my pizza) and then to the world famous TOOTSIES. We meet with lots of friends...
and then headed to my favorite bar ever, PARADISE PARK. From there we headed to another bar called TIN ROOF were we happened to run into non other than Blake Shelton. He is way hotter in person and he got on stage and sang a song...
Some songs you may know him from are Some Beach, Ol' Red, and She Wouldn't Be Gone. Here's him and girlfriend Miranda Lambert. After that a group of us headed to Waffle House were I am proud to say I passed out slept in the car and did not eat :).

I don't think I need to say that I spent Sunday recovering. I have had a crazy last 3 weekends and I am hoping to calm it down some for the next few but we will how that goes.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday mine has been busy and I still have to take the little one to karate at 4:30 and then her first softball practice this season at 6:00 and somehow fit dinner in there. Wish me luck!

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I "borrowed" a magazine from the Y. I totally plan on returning it when I am done!! Have you guys ever jacked a magazine from anywhere like the doctors office or a waiting area somewhere? Its a nasty habit!!


  1. ya I thought you were gonna keep that mag..thief!

    i bet the little one is going to be really good at softball.. but wth karate too you will be busy busy!

  2. Ww pizza dough with hummus sounds to die for. I actually tried regular pizza dough with white bean hummus and it was crazy good. But of course ww is a lot better!

    I borrowed a magazine from the Y because there was a picture of a hairstyle I liked (I was going to copy it). Oops, forgot to give a back. Thanks for the reminder ;)

  3. Hummus, pizza, and wine? Excellent choices!! Sounds like a great time!

    That's too funny about the magazine. I probably wouldn't take it back just because I'd forget that I have it.

  4. Crazy but fun weekend sounds like :D

    I have never "borrowed" a magazine, but I torn out things from pics of hairstyles, or

  5. the game looks awesome! love all the pics - nothing like a rowdy sports game. the ambiance is awesome!

    good luck with softball tonight with the lil' punkin!

  6. haha I'm totally guilty of stealing magazines from the gym! When I was younger I may or may not have stolen them from the library.

  7. sometimes I "borrow" magazines from the gym! :) I think it's okay since I often leave mines too! :)

  8. I love the pic of you and the blondes...3 hot mamas loose on the town! Looks like a blast :)

  9. ha ha. yes i have barrowed magazines. from gyms, doctors offices, starbucks. i try to bring old ones though too. make up for it ;) and may i say, you are one hot mamma!

  10. ooohh yes, I have 'borrowed' mags from workout facilities, waiting rooms...I'll stop now...! Looks like you had a fun weekend :) I know what you mean about having to simmer it down with the alcohol. It must be the summer or warm weather ;) I myself am trying to abstain for awhile. Have a good week! :)

  11. Fun weekend! Bacardi and water...I love it...half healthy, half, well, not so healthy ;)

    YES! I am kind of a magzine stealer. I mean, not from newsstands or anything ;) The time I am thinking of was when we got upgraded to a first class flight and we were using the "Executive lounge" and I took an In Style for the plane ride. I figured they wouldn't miss it ;)

  12. You are too funny - you magazine jacker! Sounds like our day yesterday AND our evenings were pretty similar. Home during the day and then rush rush rush rush at night.

    Football! Makes it feel like fall. Even if you overdid it your weekend still looks like a blast!

  13. Hey I just found your blog! What a great post- it looks like you had an absolute blast!

    Haven't done bacardi and water yet but great idea! I love doing vodka and waters- sweet tea vodka especially!

    I am engaged and planning my wedding- any tips?


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