Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chocolate Brownie Pie

I bet that got your attention, didn't it??

Well, I hate to say it, wait actually, I am not, I am thrilled to say that I AM NO LONGER TRYING TO BE RAW OR FOOD COMBINE and it feels MARVELOUS!!!! More on why in a future post :)

Tell me, was there a better way to initiate this than with a Hugh Jass from Whole Foods? I think not!!!

  • chicken
  • turkey
  • mushrooms
  • grilled eggplant
  • 2 kinds of hummus
  • wheat berry salad
  • broccoli
  • artichokes
  • tons of garlic cloves
  • green beans
  • sugar snap peas
  • and a bunch of other shit served over a bed of spinach

I celebrated with my buddy Kim and her little kids and I was thrilled that she was eating for the first time at Whole Foods with me!! Check out her monster....
She didn't even make a dent and left with a box. What a Whole Foods Rookie!!!! lol

My Whole Foods loot...

  • dulse
  • ww pie shells (for a raw brownie pie, I know I was to lazy to make the raw pie shell, plus I am rebelling!!)
  • frozen cherries
  • brown rice vinegar (for no reason)
  • goats milk yogurt
  • larabar/jocalat
  • dates
  • unsweet ketchup
  • salsa
  • red sweet potato
  • huge thing of tilapia
  • cookies and cake for the little one and the man
  • coconut butter (THANKS SO MUCH KIM!)
  • sushi
  • grape kombucha (by far my fav)
We also made a quick stop by Trader Joe's as Kim has never been there either (hello, what planet are you on?)

Can I just say DO NOT go serious shopping with 3 kids under the age of 4 that have never been socialized in any type of school! hahaha

The bag I bought for my loot...
All my stuff fit perfectly in the bag. Its all pretty self explanatory...
After a long a day of shopping the little one zonked out and the man went straight from work to a Fantasy Football Draft Party (BLAH!!). I was alone and decided to put one of my ideas into action :). I present you with RAW BROWNIE PIE....
Oh Yeah!!! You know you want another look...
It was so simple to make. I basically took Averie's recipe for raw brownies and put it in a pie shell. Here it is laid out the best I can do (I didn't really measure)...

  • .95 lb of dates
  • .95 lb of walnuts
  • about 1/2 cup Hershey's dark choc cocoa powder
  • 1/3 cup agave nectar
  • stevia to taste
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • tiny bits of water to blend
  • 1 pre-made pie shell or 1 recipe raw pie crust
I used a food processor and divided up the ingredients into 3 batches which I highly recommend unless you have the super hero of blending machines. If you have a shell that needs to be baked do that while you are blending. Remove the blender gook and place batches in a bowl until you are through blending it all up...
Then spread it in the shell the best you can (its a sticky little booger) I must warn you, it is quite messy...
I held out, refrigerated and enjoyed a piece this afternoon with my left over sushi from lunch...
CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I am horrible at doing laundry. I mean if its stained you might as well toss it horrible!! I need tips ladies??? Bring them on please!! How do you separate your loads?? Anything special you do for stains?? How do you keep your whites from getting dingy? What about washing tennis shoes?


  1. If you're no longer trying to be raw why did you make raw brownies you crazy lady?? ;) Make regular brownies! hehehe

    I'm looking forward to your future post but when I first attempted to go high raw and then had to back peddle, I know the EXACT feeling you are talking about. I'm still persuing a raw life style but taking it very slowly. Maybe that's what you're doing too with your raw brownies! ;)

  2. I'm so glad you feel better!!

    Laundry - I just dump everything in the washer and use the "cold" setting. It works for me :) Then I put everything in the dryer on high until it's done. Sometimes if I'm drying a delicate sweater I take it out and let it air dry, but that's the only special thing I ever do. Guess I'm not much help :P

  3. Hey Justine, I was so hoping you'd be posting my recipe on your bloggie today! It looks completely and utterly awesome!!! I recently made the raw chocolate pie (which you linked the crust) and also the raw brownies, but I have never combined the two into one...great thinking girl! I wish we lived closer, I'd invite myself over and have a piece with you and let the little ones play.

    Is that Artisana coconut butter or coconut oil in your pic? I think that's what it is, but my eyes are not quite that good. We could swap orders on everything fromthe TJs almond butter, to the dulse flakes from WF to the brussel's sprouts from TJS and that bag...I have it, and those are all weekly staples 'round here.

    Can't wait to hear more about your raw & food combining thoughts. I'll be on the lookout.

    Hugs :)

  4. holy crap that looks good.. and why didnt you point out the whole wheat pie crust to me?? I would have been all over that (ok maybe you did.. I was a bit distracted)

  5. I respect people who choose to do food combining but that's too much thinking for me! Love the WFs salad! Great grocery hauls, too :)

    I'm still a WFs hot bar virgin! Crazy, right?! That needs to change. That raw pie!? AMAZING!

    I don't know how to do laundry. I'm useless - if I had my way (and I was extremely rich) I'd probably just keep buying new things.

  6. Love the WF salad and awesome grocery haul. Mmmm those raw brownies/pie=YUM. Looking forward to that post! I cannot even imagine going raw, so I understand your decision! I'd rather include aspects of eat, like eating some raw snacks or even a raw meal, but totally raw? I don't think that'd work for me!!
    <3 jess

  7. Yay for being happy with what you can eat! It seems like it would be really hard to do all the right food combining, etc. Omg, the brownie pie looks to-die for!

  8. Oh wow...that pie looks amazing!

    Also your hot plate from WF made me so hungry...yum!

    I just love looking at everyone's grocery fun!

  9. That brownie pie had to be awesome! For laundry, I just seperate colors from whites. I use bleach in the white load and always use the WARM/COLD setting. I just throw tennis shoes in a color load and then when I put them in the dryer, I tie the laces and shut them into the door so it doesn't sound like a heard of elephants are in my dryer ;)

  10. I could look at that Whole Foods salad all day long...ah, LOVE WF! That brownie pie looks awesome, but why raw, dude? Lol.

    Laundry...honestly? You really want to know? Hehe. Unless something is delicate or likely to run, I throw everthing in together on a low heat (I heard that it does th same job but cheaper, less energy and helps clothes last longer). Stains- I am a messy eater so I carry one of those sticks in my purse (I use CVS brand)- as soon as I spill, I scribble with the pen thing and it works magic. Now your turn- tips for getting stains out of carpets?!

  11. what? no more raw adventures and food combining? why? I can't wait to read about that in your future post (hopefully not too future!)
    but i'm sure that you did it because you feel better this way! :)

    look what you've got... I miss Tj's now, badly!!!

    oh...that raw brownie pie looks delicious!

  12. I love that new bag and of course all the other yummy looking goodies--especially the pie!!

    I'm not doing as much raw. I think about 50/50 works for me, but more than that and I just feel like I want to eat everything I can get my hands on. I don't feel satisfied on 80% raw! Anyway, way to go on doing what's best for YOU:)

  13. How did your purple sw. tater turn out? I saw some purple sweet potatoes at the Asian Market a couple weeks ago, but they were like the size of basketballs..hahaha! Mutated! Actually, all the produce in there were way bigger then normal. Wonder why that is? Hmm? Anyhow, let me know how you like the potato :D

    PS: My Brother in Law lives just outside of Galatin TN, next time we fly out for a visit, I for SURE want to set up a meet and greet with you and Heather!!

  14. Looking forward to hearing more about your raw/combining sentiments. As for your loot, I would give a kidney for a WF OR TJ around here (I have two, but do I need them both? Kidneys-not WFs...)

    And that pie looks delicious...if I cooked (or un-cooked, as it is) a bit more creatively, I would so be all about it.

  15. That salad looks like the PERFECT way to return to regular eating!!! And that pie??? Wow...drool alert.

  16. Oh wow, that pie! Fantastic!! As for laundry, I let the hubby take care of it ;)

  17. i am not good at housework at all. i have found google to be a very good friend. seriously all the answers are on the internet. i am totally trying that 'brownie pie'. and your guys' lunch looks awesome:)

  18. that brownie pie LOOKS AMAZING! seriously. i can't wait to hear more about your diversion from raw - way to go with what feels right for YOU!

    much love - have a fab weekend girl!

  19. Holy mother of pearl that brownie pie looks totally delicious!! Can I have some? ;)

  20. Laundry-
    I use Shout exclusively for stains and it works on nearly everything (grass, ketchup, blood). If I stain something I immediately rinse it in cold water which helps take it out in the wash.
    Good luck!

  21. hmmm laundry!!! my favorite thing to do! i wash dark stuff and jeans in cold water- its a waste of energy to wash in warm or hot water- plus sometimes it shrinks your clothes!
    stains, i am not an expert on, but i keep my whites white by washing in warm water and using bleach all the way baby!
    those raw brownies look yummy, i'll be waiting to see why you changed your mind lady!

  22. Oh my GOODNESS---that pie looks so freaking good. And the best part is that it doesn't even LOOK as healthy as it actually is ;)

  23. Hey Justine, do you know the calorie count for the brownies (sans crust)? It looks amazing!

    -Megan (A lurker who loves your blog!)

  24. Averie recommended your blog to me and I'm so glad I found it! I'm kind of doing a raw/vegan thing, but I'd have to say it's 50/50 than anything else. I love your reasons why, and sometimes I feel like this way of eating (raw) is a bit restrictive. I try to just go with my gut (so to speak) on what I feel like eating. Sometimes it's raw, sometimes not.

    Your brownie pie looks incredible!! Between you and Averie man - you guys could start your own dessert cookbook! :)


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