Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is That It? Hardly

(Before I go on I just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading all your confessions about reusing the bath towels! I was cracking up and love knowing that I am not the only one!)

I was just thinking about when I post my meals how I hope you all don't think this is all I eat in a day. Most of the time I don't even post a whole a day I just post some "blog worthy" meals from a few days period. For instance, if I show you this breakfast...
Banana Soft Serve with fresh mango

..just know that I also had an apple and half, lots and lots of cantaloupe and grapes :). I eat tons of fruit throughout the morning but for your sake I am not going to photograph every grape or piece of cantaloupe I eat straight out the fridge.

For lunch yesterday I made the Raw Sloppy Joe's featured on the Fitnessista's site...
Had to use blender instead of processor so they were a little less chunkier then I would have liked. I also subbed tomato for the red pepper along with a few other small alterations.
But anyway what you don't see is the several carrot sticks I snacked on while making this, along with the celery I ate dipped in salsa and a few walnuts I had straight from the bag :). My verdict on the Raw Sloppy Joe's? Well they didn't really taste like sloppy joes, but they were good and they were sloppy...
Maybe my snacking between meals or while making meals isn't good. I am not really sure. Either way I don't want you all to get the impression that the pictures you see are the only things hitting my mouth (and hips). Do you all snack while cooking your meals?

After making my Sloppy Joe's that day I had an after noon snack of hummus, salsa and these new yummy crackers...
For dinner later on I made more Pork Lettuce Wraps...
Along with some sauteed eggplant, mushrooms and zucchini. I am sure there was dark chocolate involved somewhere in there.

Today I ended up eating way to much directly after lunch so I haven't been hungry but I did manage to make up some dinner for the man and the little one this time...
Salad along with mini pizzas made from a loaf of fresh bread that I sliced, sprayed with evoo and then baked. Took out, topped with tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, some left over meats in the fridge, mozzarella and then baked until cheese was melted.

Do any of you have a problem with overeating from time to time? If not how do you control the urge if there is one? If you do is there anything that has helped you?

Cant wait for the weekend. Hope you all have a lovely Friday! Thanks for reading. I appreciate each and every one of you :)

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I totally did a google search for the Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart, and Kari Ann sex tape. To bad the only ones I found were censored :( ha!!

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  1. LOL Justine, you crack me up! I totally searched for it too, I'm far too nosy for my own good.

  2. LOVE your eats today!! Mmm...
    <3 jess

  3. I snack while I cook my meals seriously EVERY time. Yeah, so sometimes by mealtime I’m not hungry :/

    I often overeat, but then remember that I’m going to get indigestion/upset stomach if I do. Most of the time, I will control the urge…other times I realize the consequences and do better for the time being!

  4. I clearly don't post on my blog everything I eat in a day...just the highlights. I mean, carrot sticks and apples, ya know, not exactly riveting. I'm with you! But tomorrow I may show my carrot stix b/c the pic I took today turned out nice LOL.

    The sloppy joe's look great! In the winter time I was making that kind of stuff but I kinda OD'ed on and kind of nut pates or that kind of thing...but when fall rolls around more, I am going to make these, for sure!

    How are the Mary's Crack in black pepper flavor? I only have the "original".

    Oh and your mango banana softserve looks divine. I have never been able to get it to work. That is one item where a food processor, NOT a vitamix is the way to go. And I only have a V so I've never been able to partake :(

  5. I try to check in with myself to see if I'm really still hungry. If not, I use distractions like cleaning a room in the house.

  6. I had issues with overeating this winter... after I'd lost the weight and was working on maintaining - I would be "good" all day and then over do it at night. Then I read Intuitive Eating and figured out that I wasn't eating enough calories during the day. I was trying to hard to eat small meals during the day and wasn't eating enough - and I had a natural reaction to binge at night. Turns out we're biologically programmed to do that! Now I make sure I eat MORE during the day and my urge to overeat has disappeared - and I actually eat LESS calories overall because of it. I don't count calories anymore but I know I eat less now that I did some days last winter, and I feel way more in control too.

    And PS I can't believe you've NEVER had a Larabar! You gotta try one!

  7. Loving all the lettuce wrapping action going on :D

    I think most people snack a bit when cooking- food is around, the smells make you hungry...natural instinct?

    I've struggled with binging/overeating in the past. A doctor told me that a low-carb intake lowers serotonin levels in the brain which can cause urges to overeat- my urges have pretty much gone since I started making sure I have wholegrains several times throughout the day. Could be entirely psychologicial, but it works for me!

  8. hahaha your confession was hilarious! yay for good eats - i NEED a food processor just so i can make banana soft serve!

    happy weekend lady - thanks for the link love! lots of love to ya!

  9. I don't post all my eats either! YES - I most definitely snack while I'm assembling a meal. I'm a hungry girl!!

    LOVE all the lettuce wraps and mini pizzas! They look yummy!

    HAHAH to that confession! That's hilarious!

  10. I think people would be bored to tears if I posted every last bite that went into my mouth! I completely agree with your point.

    I definitely struggle with overeating/binge eating from time to time. My mom is a recovered compulsive overater throught the help of OA lost 150 pounds. I sometimes wonder if I have some of her tendancies. Food blogging has helped me a lot in getting past the restriction/binge cycle that can be such an easy trap to fall into.

    I have a lot of personal experience obviously with the topic so if you ever want me to go more into just pop me an email ;)

  11. gonna try those Joes for sure.. yum!

    and I don't snack while preparing dinner..why? Because I have a 3 yr. old yelling.. MAMA MAMA MAMA LET ME HELP LET ME HELP!!!!!! all the while she is actually helping me.. crazy child.. so I finish up as quick as possible..

    oh and you perv! looking for sex tape.. although Dane is hot.. ya ok I might have searched for it too..hehe...

  12. I really gotta make those sloppy joes and AND your pork wraps look awesome!

    who could possibly POST All their food?
    and WHY...

    I love posting my fun stuff too..but If I had to have my camera out for every nibble?

    yikes. THAT would be obsessive!
    life is more than food! it's FUN to see foodie highlights though!

    very inspiring!
    oh and YEAH..I am a HORRIBLE nibbler!

  13. Interesting take on sloppy joes! I need to find those crackers - I've seen them everywhere!

  14. love your eats. i'm with you girl i usualy just post random meals/snacks. i'm not on top of things enuf to get a snapshot of everything that goes in my mouth. i don't really snck when i cook but i taste everything, lol. gotta make sure it's legit :)

  15. I tend to snack while I'm cooking, but it's a nasty habit that I don't like!

    When I overeat, I used to beat myself up about it. Now, I try to acknowledge it and try to move on. I know I don't overeat at every meal, and for the most part, I eat good foods. No stress is the way to go!

  16. Your raw sloppy joes look good to me - and the sloppier the better in my book!
    I always snack when im making meals, which i know isnt the best but its always healthy things like fruit so I never feel too bad about it. Enjoy your weekend!

  17. I used to eat those yummy crackers all the time. I love how thin and crispy they are!

    Your sloppy joes look really good!

  18. Wow, your raw creations are great! Looks like you're really liking the food combining, too. Way to rock it ;) Yeah, I won't lie, I also searched for the video, but gave up quickly when I realized it was LAME!
    Hope you're having a great weekend, Justine!

  19. I'll always snack when I cook, but I try to limit it to the raw veggies. I probably put away at least a pound of raw mushroom stems weekly. ;)

    Justine, missing you so much. Starbucksing it at the moment and catching up on my favorite SAHM. So jealous of your Titans game adventure. We must go to a game together. Everything looks delish. I want to make those raw sloppy Joe's. Loving our time in Colorado, but looking forward to getting home and back into my kitchen. Kind of getting tired of the same old dinners at the Yurt.

    See you soon sweet friend.
    Love the Confession...I'm so disappointed in Rebecca and Eric...or maybe just disturbed. :(


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