Sunday, August 2, 2009

Reunion Recap Part I

Hey, I know you all have been peeled to computers all weekend long checking your blog rolls every few seconds to see I have updated my page with lots of juicy reunion pics :). LOL!! Well, you have to wait just a few moments. After my fruit cereal Friday morning I was still hungry as usual. I waited as long as could and then around 10:30 am I made some banana soft serve with a fresh peach and strawberry sauce that I just mashed up and nuked....
The warm sauce really made it!!! MMmmm. Goal accomplished, full tummy.

I was in a hurry to get outta the house to run some errands before my hair appointment so I whipped up something quick and not very pleasing to the eye...
Salad of whatever left over veggies were in the fridge and Ezek toast with guac.

I got my hair did at a new salon and it totally sucked a big and the girl said she couldn't do my hair the way I wanted it. WTF?? When I left I rushed across the street to another salon to see if they could fix my hair. Mission accomplished. I was going for the Jennifer Maniston look that she had at the 2009 Oscars....

My dress for all you lovelies to see.....
I scored this sucker for $24 and it was regularly $140!!

I think I ate some carrots and ab and then we headed to the mans bff's house. They have been best friends for a super long time....
Hes also the guy that built our house.
The man and I...
I was trying not to look to tall in my 4 1/2 heels :)

Before heading to the reunion we headed down to a place called Mafiaoz's for dinner. The menu looked great but I opted for the blurry Caponata Salad with a side of goat cheese and a glass of Riesling....
I ate a little more than half

Everyone else shared an '18 in. pizza...
After dinner we made it to the reunion at The Crows Nest with about 10 min. left to take advantage of happy hour. Which me most certainly did :). Sometime during the reunion myself and a couple of the wives headed across the street to Whole Foods 10 min. before it was to close. We were hankering for something sweet. Jennifer and I shared this beautiful carrot cake cupcake...
Here's the 3 of us that made the trek in our heels...
The craziest thing happened while we were there. I ran into HEABS brother who I have never met but recognized me from the blog. CRAZY I know :).

I know this post is getting lenghty so I am going to cut it off and I will be back soon with more photos and what we did after.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I haven't gotten my lazy butt off the couch today and I barely moved yesterday. I only got up to pick up the little one and head to the park for a few hours for part 2 of the mans reunion. Needless to say the house is a disaster!!! I know what my plans are going to be this week. Cant drink like I used to. I have to have at least 2 days recovery now.


  1. Justine,
    You looked beautiful as always. Loved the dress, and it sounds like you had a great time at the reunion. Still laughing that you ran into Scottie. 2 of my favorite people in one of my favorite stores...makes me happy. :)

  2. WOOT looking hot mama! And you rocked that Maniston 'do, very cute. Sitting on the edge of my seat for Part Deux! ;)

  3. OMG nothing worse than your hair not being Just The Way You Want It before a big event. Glad you got it fixed and it turned out and all was well. You looked sassy n sexy in that score of a dress you found. The banana soft serve with the peach/strawberry sauce was lookin mighty fine too!

  4. Ahh, you're getting old girly...haha! Just wait till your my age :)

    You looked marvelous darling, simply stunning. Love the dress and love, love, love your necklace....great choice to wear with that dress.

    Ok, you have to come over and make me a huge bowl of that banana soft serve with the peach strawberry sauce...OM-goodness did that make me hungry..hahaha!

  5. I love the dress, you were lookin smokin hot girl!

  6. You looked amazing!!!!! I mean come on though - you ALWAYS look amazing!

    Glad you had such a good time! And I can't believe you ran into Heather's brother...I swear Nashville is smaller than it seems :)

    Why in the world did the 1st stylist say she couldn't fix your hair?

    I didn't get off the couch much myself today! :)

  7. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!! love the hair, LOVE the dress and you looked smashing darling! yay, i am so glad you had fun!

    ugh on the hangovers, i am so with you. i pray another good night's sleep and i will be ready to go for tomorrow, because i still have gut rot bad. ewwww...much love to ya!

  8. Justine you are so pretty! your hair is gorgeous and your dress is gorgeous too!!

  9. Love your new hair cut! It's so funny to know that you went to two salon s! ahahha..... but really cute! :) and your dress looks really pretty on you!

  10. You look so beautiful! Ah! The dress, the hair, it's just perfect. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Hope you're feeling more energetic today! :)

  11. Yum, the sauce on that soft serve looks diiivine!

    Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous, Justine! Love the hair too!!!

  12. ha ha. i can't drink anymore either. so sad ;)you are one HOT mamma though!


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