Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Me And My Rawness

Well, I guess its more like semi-rawness. Let me take you on a journey through some of the meals I have managed to de-raw over the past few days...
Above is a perfectly raw salad consisting of zucchini noodles, corn and tomatoes, massaged with some guac, a top a bed of romaine, de-rawed by some Ezek bread with salsa and a side of steamed green beans.

Above in the bowl is some raw coleslaw made with a cabbage slaw, tossed in some vinegar, stevia and almond milk. On the plate is some raw corn and tomatoes a top a bed of romaine, de-rawed by tossing the corn and tomatoes in some hummus and a side of homegrown butternut squash fries.

This baby is in all its rawness

In my defense, the next two meals were dinner and I don't do raw at dinner :)...
This is some kind of random leftover veggie stir fry containing cooked onion, squash, BBQ grilled eggplant, chicken and green beans, a top a bed of raw romaine and carrots

The above are my pork lettuce wraps. Pork was marinated overnight in my fav. organic BBQ sauce, garlic powder, and s&p. Then broiled for about 8 min. total, turning once. I then placed them on romaine with raw cabbage slaw mix and low sodium soy sauce and a side of green beans. Mmmmmm!!!

In other news my little angel had her first fast pitch softball practice on Monday (she also played last fall). She spent most of her time making sand angles with the other girls but I did manage to get two action shots...
I am not the coach this year (coached last year with the man assisting) but the dude had no idea how to handle these little girls (6 and under). I ended up having to take to the field and help out his poor soul.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I use a bath towel at least twice before tossing it in the laundry basket :). Hey, I am saving water and plus your clean when you get outta the shower, right?


  1. Oh first comment, I guess I'm up bright n early! Confession...always, girl. I never do towel laundry except every 48 hrs. When I was growing my mom made up use towels like 3+ times before she'd wash em. You're clean getting outta the shower, that's what I'm sticking with :)

    Your food looks yummy. Squash fries...sounds really good, I need to go seach for your recipe steps.

    And that Artisana, I have heard awesome stuff about all their products.

  2. that's a lot of raw goodness - i love it! those softball pics are precious...seriously, too cute!

    can you believe i've never tried cashew butter? i need to get on that!

  3. I'm with you on the towel thing! And, as far as raw goes, that raw corn looks delicious! I've never had raw corn, and now I think I have to try it!

  4. hahaha i remember when i was little i played softball but i would always be flipping around in the outfield.. hence why my mom signed me up for gymnastics instead!

    the rawness looks so good... i would love to get my hands on some artisana!!

  5. Is it bad that I use towels more than twice...?! ahah I hope not! I'm clean when I get out of the shower!! I need to try me some walnut butter...I might try making it this weekend.

  6. love all your raw and not raw creations, especially the idea of cabbage slaw with vinegar and almond milk sounds delicious! Can't wait to go back to kitchen and do some creations! :)

  7. Ezekiel + salsa sounds like a yummy combo!

    Haha, she makes sand angels? The little one is so cute playing softball!

    Ummm, I wash my bath towels 1-2xs a week. Is that bad? It's true that you are clean when you get out of the shower ;)

  8. i am so with you on the towel thing. hubby insists on using a clean towel for every little thing and it drives me nuts :) those pork lettuce wraps sound delish!

  9. you don't even want to know how many times i use a towel before i wash it :P and if i weren't here i don't think bobby would ever wash his towels. he's kind of clueless about things like that (his mom did EVERYTHING for him and his sister).

  10. Raw raw raw! :D I change our bath towels once a week when I go through and clean the house. We're clean when we get out of the shower so it's not like they are dirty. ;)

  11. Confession: I typically wash my bath towels one time per week!

    The pork lettuce wraps look especially yummy!

  12. Aw cute pictures! That looks like a pretty raw day to me. You just need a good smoothie for dessert :)

  13. We definitely use bath towels multiple times here!

    1. I'm the one that does all the damn laundry
    2. Like Averie said, you come out of the shower clean!
    3. That's what towel racks are for - to let them dry and use again.

    No shame, no shame.

    Can't imagine FAST PITCH softball with little ones! Your daughter can hit the ball? Impressive!!

  14. I always re-use my towel!

    Your food looks yummy. I don't do raw for dinner either. The one problem I am having on raw is getting enough carbs(besides veggies:). I can't do tons of carbs, but the right balance gives me energy. Still trying to figure that one out. I have trouble eating grains, so it is challenging!

  15. One towel for the hair, one for the body and barring some unscheduled mud wrestling event, they both get thrown in the wash 1-2 a week.

    I'm clean when I come out and hate to do laundry, so it works :)

    As for raw corn, I have no idea what I'm going to do when it's out of season. I think I have a problem...

  16. my gosh those zucchini noodles look fantastic! I like allll your rawness!! Dude I definitely use my bath towels at least 5 times before i throw 'em in the wash! I're TOTALLY clean when you use them right?? so what's the big deal? :)

  17. I am with you .... I do ALL my laundry weekly...and unless I used my bath towel to mop up say cat barf... it gets dried and re used till Friday night or Saturday am.

    Never knew there was a towel rule!

    I did T ball with my 5 year old (teen now) and it was so fun... she's a lil punkin that one!

    I eat raw till dinner too (or not) you eats look FAB

  18. That first salad looks awesome! And so does dinner!!! Especially the BBQ grilled eggplant :D


  19. Ok, I am so glad to read others who wash their towels less frequently, too! Even every two washes seems like a lot. Is that gross? I always let it dry well after I use it and probably wash them once-twice a week.


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