Monday, August 10, 2009

Did Someone Say Lake? And Chocolate?

....Yes, please. So I had a little hiatus. Unplanned but none the less it was a hiatus. There was some shopping, some lakin', some birthday fun and some recovering (we wont get to much into that :) part). I will recap the best I can without getting to lengthy.

Friday, I got and got ready for some tax free shopping with my momma. No gym because I knew I would get in lots of retail cardio. I did do about 30 min. of the P90X yoga though (tough stuff!!). The little one and I did each others hair before heading out...

There was about 13 clips in all. I pumped gas at a full station like that. Now that's love!!!

My mom and I serenaded our shopping trip by first making a stop for lunch at Whole Foods...
Pure Deliciousness
The best flavor of Kombucha eva!!!
My momma
My leftovers

For dinner I made the man and the little one some White Enchiladas, thanks to the Fitnessista :)
They loved them

Saturday I hit the gym early and then got ready for a long day on the lake with some friends....
Yes, the mug is filled with liquor :)

Do I have to tell you we had a good time???

Sunday was my dads birthday. We brought over the watermelon and ate and watched football with the fam. My mom made No Pudge Fudge Brownies as the cake. I tried hard not to eat any because I was in detox mode. I had a bite and it did me in!! Ugh, I ate way to much after that :(.

The birthday boy....
A Sunday snack and my new purse....

Was not a fan of the nut butter :(

I had a fun weekend and hope you all did as well. I will now leave you with my super simple recipe for an Inside Out Reece's Cup
  • dates
  • chocolate or carob chips
  • natural peanut butter
*fill the date with chips of choice (I use organic dark)....
*cover in peanut butter and refrigerate, freeze or if you are impatient like me enjoy immediately...

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: Sometimes I do a load of wash and forget about it in the washing machine and its dries all smelly and moldy. Oops.


  1. a day on a lake with friends is the BEST TIME EVER!!!

    I once did that to my brother's hair... he never forgave me!

    and I have too let my clothes dry in the washer..and they smelled ICK !

    looks like you had a FUN weekend! good for you!

  2. Those inside out reese's cups look amazing! I bought a huge bag of dates and all I've been doing is eating them straight outta the bag or tossing them into a salad. I LOVE the idea of adding chocolate and pb!

  3. Ugh... come whip me in back into shape, would ya? You look amazing, girl!

    LOVE the hair... LOL I haven't even let maddie touch my hair yet... SCARY!!! you are a good mama ;)

    the reese's cup looks yummy!! Although does not make for the most attractive picture... haha

    and i'm with you - the grape is the BEST flava!!! I so want one!!!

  4. Looks like a had a fabulous time! Can't beat good old Whole Foods hot foods bar ;) Yumm! Your mom is just too cute!

    Love the date + chocolate + pb idea!

  5. Inside out PB cups?? Da' BomB! Totally gonna try those.

    I've been wondering where you were. A well deserved hiatus.

    Retail cardio bahahahah

  6. Justine you are so pretty and fit! And I just can't get over how beautiful your little one is, too. Such beauties!

    Looks like a fun day! Oh and retail cardio, that is the best kind ;)

  7. Awww! I used to do my parents hair ALL THE TIME. In fact there's a picture of me and my dad and his hair is all clipped up :)

    Boats + alcohol = SO MUCH FUN!! Looks like you guys had a blast! I'm loving the Inside Out PB cup!!

  8. Inside out PB cups sound delicious!

    Glad you had such a fun time. Being with friends you love is always a blast!!
    <3 jess

  9. hey! i'm JB. i've seen you on HEAB's blog before, and just found you again through a comment you left on jess's blog (have faith.) i don't know why i never added you to my google reader, but i love your blog! i agree about the grape kombucha. that flavor and the strawberry flavor are my favorites! your confession of the day is hilarious, by the way. haha! anyway, i'm going to add you to my google reader right now! enjoy the rest of your monday, girl! :)

  10. happy birthday to your Dad!
    such a fun weekend!!! lake and chocolates? perfection!!!

  11. Man, I wish we had a Whole Foods. That food looks really yummy:) Glad you had a good weekend!

  12. You went from Mommy mode with the hair clips (both of you looking absolutely beautiful!) to vavvavoommmm hottie patottie standing there with your jug'o liquor! Nice legs with the daisy duke vibe going on there! And, I am so envious that you and your mom can get together for lunch at WF. I wish I could do that with mine. We don't live close, and even if we did, I doubt she'd be too into it. Welcome home from the hiatus :)

  13. Just add extra dryer sheets during the drying cycle...oh is that TMI?

  14. Justine,
    You're so beautiful. I feel like I say that in every comment I make on your blog, but it's so true my gorgeous friend. :)

    Tell you didn't drink the whole 64 ounces of liquor. Gosh, I would have fallen right off that dock!

    Boating looks like so much fun - hope your parents don't sell it before I get home.

    I missed another Whole Foods date -how sad. Glad you had a day of shopping with your mom, and the Justin's didn't do it for you, huh? I"ve never had that flava, but at least you got the best Kombucha!

    Happy Birthday to your papa. So cute. :)

    Love the Inside Out Reece's Cup. I think I would go for instant gratification as well.

  15. Sounds just like my weekend! Although I was too busy sucking down my drinks on the boat to actually take pictures :)

    I always overeat at my family parties. Something about being at my parents house makes me think I'm a kid again and I can raid my dad's cookie stash...

  16. i love retail cardio :) your lunch/dinner with your mom looks so good. as do the enchiladas. glad you had a good time. and i titally do the laundry thing too. ew

  17. Wow, what a great time for sure! Your Mamma is very beautiful. Food looks delish as always :D

  18. Is your momma Asian? I love the 3 generations all captured in this post. :D Yes the clips in the hair + filling gas with all the clips = love. hahaha it was hilarious to read! hahah


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